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By Eric, AKA Grandpa Growth


Hello and welcome back to “In General.” Last week I began a new series detailing the particular strengths that each color brings to Commander and what effect those specific cards or groups of cards have on how we build our decks. The existence of certain powerful staples heavily influences what ends up being playable in the Commander format. Thinking critically about these metagame constraints is the best way to gain familiarity with them and will help us learn strategies to take advantage of them. Last week we discussed White, as well as an explanation of the article format that will help you get the most out of what we talk about today. This week we continue our journey around the color pie with Blue!

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Off Color Cast is a Commander based podcast where we discuss the serious, the aggressive, and the awesome points of Magic: the Gathering. Some language may be found offensive so make sure your taste and paste makers are properly adjusted before listening. Off Color Cast will not pay your doctor bills.


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This week marks the return of everyone’s favorite smarks, C-Cubed! The OCC Boyz decided to come out of retirement for a One Night Only episode of Off Color! Hope you’re ready cause we’re not!


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Hey there Squires!

Battle for Zendikar has finally released, so this marks the end of our BFZ month of shows. For this show, we talked about our pre-release experiences from last week. From the midnight release, to working through the weekend, to the many, many expeditions that got cracked (one of them by a host of this very show!), it was one hell of a weekend, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.







Our Weird Cards for this week:



Battle for Zendikar Card Comparisons

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 Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 219! We’re your weekly source for Community, Strategy, and Technology, hosted on and our homesite:! We’re recording this on October 2nd, 2015. This week we are running on a skeleton crew as half the team are down and out for the night! But like any good showman will tell you, the show must go on! With that the remaining members take this chance to discuss Ramp! Hopefully you will enjoy as we go over some of our favorite ramp cards! 

And all you have to do is click the IB!

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erdnHello Everyone and welcome to another episode of Rival’s Duel. There is no need for much fanfare this week as it’s time to bury our noses in the Battle for Zendikar visual spoiler and see what cards have us excited for our favorite 100 card format. So without further ado, here is Eric and Nole’s take on BFZ!!! As is our review show tradition, there are no shownotes, just sit back and enjoy.









Grandpa (Eric)


By Eric, AKA Grandpa Growth


Hello and welcome back to “In General,” a weekly column where we talk about playing Commander and host of other things. Over the last few months I have talked extensively about my approach to deckbuilding both in its philosophy and its execution. A big part of that approach was to take the path of least resistance through your metagame: don’t force themes that don’t work! Take advantage of the opportunities and exploit the weaknesses that crop up in your opponent’s decks. In this new series, Important Cards”, I’m going to examine some of those opportunities by talking about key cards in each color and the underlying design environment that makes these particular cards so good in Commander. This series is going to be structured as a color-by-color walkthrough of the Commander format, stopping to take an in-depth look at the most significant landmarks.

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