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Happy Free-for-All Thor’s Day!

Having navigated approval during Pilot phase of our spinoff Podcast, Aaron and Eric proceed with rants, rambles, and indirect Commander Magic banter . Although it’s a little late, Unc and Gramps run the gamut about some of the relevant news across other formats, including the changes that are coming up at Pro Tour Origins as well as another ranking discussion about our new flip-walkers, and a Bonus Discussion on Eric’s Dig Through Time Puzzle.

Hear the whole discussion! Just slap Stacky the Waffle Shark!

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Aaron – Gmail: unclelanddrops@gmail.com // Twitter: @unclelanddrops // TappedOut: UncleLanddrops

Eric – Gmail: grandpagrowth@gmail.com


Grandpa (Eric)

By Eric, AKA Grandpa Growth

Over the last month we have examined how to build more consistent decks. Consistency is extremely important, but it is only half of the puzzle. The other half is power. Consistency + Power = A Good Deck. If you consistently have the most powerful deck in the game, you are going to be favored to win. Now that we have finished our exploration of consistency, let’s begin discussing how to construct decks with higher power levels. Starting with Durability.

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Ostensibly, this week’s show is centered around Vorel of the Hull Clade, but I think Parker would agree with me when I say this is really a Master Biomancer joint that he merely allows Vorel to head up, because he’s too busy putting +1/+1 counters on everyone and turning them into mutants.  Also, play Fungal Sprouting if you like to win games. It’s super-secret M13 tech. It’s not as swag as Ludevic’s Test Subject, but then again nothing is.

And here you thought this was going to be all about Doubling Season, didn’t you? Oh, ye of little faith.


(P.S. – Doubling Season is the nuts, though.)



Deckbuilder's Spotlight


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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 209! We’re your weekly source for Community, Strategy, and Technology, hosted on MTGcast.com and our homesite: CommanderCast.com! We’re recording this on July 16th, 2015!  This week, William, Calvin, Mark, and Clay are back together and ready to talk about a variety of things. First, we start of with WotC recently revealed product, From the Vault: Angels. Then, we wonder why WotC didn’t announce anything about the yearly Commander or the next Duel Decks products. We move on to a listeners email where we take a look at his Atarka deck. We wrap things up with a flavor based Entourage based around one of the new Magic: Origins Planeswalker… Lilliana!


All this and more await with the click of an IB!


Ib Download




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erdnWelcome to another episode of Rival’s Duel. This week Eric and Nole return to the original format of the show, where they pick a topic they disagree about and argue about it until they get bored. This week the topic is mono-white; specifically, what the best way is to play the (arguably) worst mono-color for Commander. Eric chooses to argue that bigger is better with a Voltron strategy, while Nole goes wider with tokens. It’s a battle of quality vs. quantity this week, so give it a listen and tell us what you think in the comments below.







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Grandpa (Eric)

By Eric, AKA Grandpa Growth

Welcome back to Decksplanations. Over the last month I have been writing about concepts that will help you add consistency to your decks. The in-depth discussions of each of these topics is critical to understanding how they factor into consistency as a whole. Additionally, each article contains some budget-minded cards that you can use to promote consistency in your decks. If you missed any of these articles I highly encourage you to review them with the links below:






This is the last segment. Today, we will be talking about how all the pieces fit together to create a consistent deck. I will also share some tips on playing more consistently.

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