By Eric (AKA Grandpa Growth)


Wherever knowledge goes, misinformation is sure to follow. Some topics can be confusing. Magic is a place where this is true more often than not. “No Uncertain Terms” is meant to give all players that same base of requisite knowledge to completely understand an issue; to give all Magic players, new and old, the language to communicate and fully understand each other.

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Hello, my name is Eric, aka Grandpa Growth, formerly of The General Zone, and now, excited to make my debut here on CommanderCast.

For several years now I have been writing a weekly column entitled, “In General.” A play on words dating back to the time when we used to call Commander “EDH” and your commander was your general. But this is also a descriptive title. My writing touches a wide variety of topics and you won’t know what to expect from one week to the next.

I have a couple bad habits: I like to make subtle puns and my articles tend to go on way too long. You have been warned.

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Hello everyone and welcome to the first episode of Journey To Somewhere. This is another one of our experimental projects here at CommanderCast: a bi-weekly podcast where William will be recording an episode for you from his car as he travels from one location to… somewhere.


This week, William will give you the basic idea of the show, explain where he “borrowed” the idea from, and lay out all the reasons he has a deep and passionate hatred for a certain mono-green enchantment.


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Hey everyone! We here at Commandercast have decided to take the week off, but we wouldn’t leave you hanging out there without a show. Today, we decided we wanted to try something a little different: Commandercast Presents! Every so often we plan on bringing you a sample of the odds and ends we have brewing here on our site. Evil Twincast is one such brew.

The basic idea here is that it’s a copy of a different podcast, but with our own little Commander-based twist. This week the Evil Twin targets Limited Resources. Prepare yourself for a Crack-A-Pack where we evaluate the cards for Commander, how to build a deck with cards left behind after a draft, and a little ghostly surprise for the brave who dare stay to the end.


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William – Email: commandercast(at)gmail(dot)com  // twitter: (at)Commandercast


Aaron – Email: unclelanddrops(at)gmail(dot)com // Twitter: (at)UncleLanddrops

By Dodo Bird Commander writer Josh Jurgensen



Hi there folks – I doubt any of y’all have heard of me, but I’m a longtime off-and-on Magic player (like most of the old-timers are) and I’ve been involved in Commander since shortly after I moved from my hometown Savannah, GA to the DC area around the second half of 2010. I’ve always loved the game and I was drawn to Commander largely because it gave me a venue to play all of the great old cards in our old binders that just ooze flavor and illustrate the history of the game.

I plan to highlight some classic cards throughout the history of the game that could spice up your decks. For some of you, this might be your first introduction to some of these cards – for others, this might be an opportunity to rekindle an old friendship with the one that got away.

Today, I’m talking about a near-forgotten classic that’s recently gotten a massive boost in usefulness. Hopefully some of y’all will try it out – I’m curious to know how it works at your tables.


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This week Mark branches out from the Command(erCast) zone and talks to what he hopes will be the first in a long line of community members.  The first brave soul: Josh, with his Titania, Protector of Argoth deck. Because you know what’s better than forests? 5/3 Elementals that can bash your friends in the face.  Captain Planet would be proud.




Deckbuilder's Spotlight



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