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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 302! We’re your weekly source for Community, Strategy, and Technology, hosted on and our homesite:! It would appear that in the time we took of for the holiday the MTG Community was putting in over time. So in light of the recent news, this week Mark and Adam are going over the news of  a community in an uproar, a rules committee making a temporary change, and finding the little thing that makes our favorite game different even in the light of other options. THEN they move on to other topics that are a little about how certain things maybe fun but are problematic at best to play due to a lack of options. 

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CommanderCast Episode 302

Posted: Monday, Dec. 4, 2017








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Trolls are shitty, but dogpiling on a troll is also shitty.


Why is complexity in Magic such a plus when it’s generally considered a negative in most other games?


Worth reading: “Magic: The Gathering is Sesame Street,” by Bruno Dias

  • “Magic constantly threatens to go off the rails, to fall apart under the weight of its own complexity, to explode with unexpected possibilities… This kind of weirdness isn’t the norm, but it’s present. Magic entices with the possibility that the system can be broken, that the game can be tricked into doing things that were never intended.”


Silver border cards legal in EDH until Jan. 15, 2018




Playing with your fiddly bits for fun and profit. Which ones are worth leaning into in EDH?


Experience Counters:


Energy Counters:


Clue tokens:


Treasure/Gold tokens:




Favorite weird, one-off fiddly bit cards


Adam – Helix Pinnacle, Armageddon Clock, Azor’s Elocutors


Mark – Aurification, Jar of Eyeballs, Tidal Influence




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  • Kinghonkey

    First thing, I would love to do the Art show sometime soon. I’m free every other Saturday morning starting next Saturday the 16th, also Christmas break is coming up.

    Second, I don’t think I deserve to be the final arbiter of “what art version wins”. We all understand taste is subjective. I mean, personally, I’m not a huge fan of Picasso and VanGogh, though I understand their contributions to Art and I’ve taught lessons based on their work. They’re the two biggest recognized names, but I just don’t get too excited by what they paint. Some people go absolutely nuts over Steve Argyle’s Magic art, while he’s just “not my bag, baby”, to borrow a horribly outdated pop culture reference. Long time Magic players also base so much of what they love off of nostalgia. The new Steve Prescott Berserk is more technically proficient than Dan Frazier’s, but I’ll always love the original and the tell-tale marbleized background when Frazier couldn’t figure out what to put behind an image.

    I have a Silas Renn as the commander for my current Dimir deck. It’s artifact matters and runs all of the Tezzerets (Etherium Cell fiddly bits) and Nim that get bigger with artifacts, Cranial Plating, Revel in Riches, Spell Swindle, Mechanized Production AND…Deadeye Plunderers. It’s like you guys have been reading my diary.

    My favorite Fiddly Bit card might just be Goblin Kaboomist. It makes landmine tokens, it has Kev Walker artwork, it’s a complete flavor win all around and it teaches us all the valuable lesson that goblins should not be trusted with explosive ordnance.

    On the topic of the Magic hubbub, I think the Will Wheaton Law pretty much covers it, like you said. Don’t be a Dick. There’s also that meme that says something like “Shhh, let people _enjoy_ things.” The majority of Magic players in this country tend to be slightly doughy, hetero, white males…*looks in mirror*, but I welcome more diversity and I’m glad for the small bit that I’ve seen over the past few years. I hope someday that it will become that kind of cultural icon like Star Wars, or Marvel and that people of all genders and ethnicities can enjoy it.

  • Jeremy Parsons

    I like the Experience commanders, but I kind of agree that their base mechanic precludes new ones. It’s not so much that their base design is bad, or that no other cards interact with the counters, but they they aren’t unique to the commander. Suddenly you get Meren and Ezuri working together and your sky high experience counters from things dying are getting placed willy nilly. And yes, I do run Meren in the 99, and she’s still excellent value. And well she’s in black, if she did die… we have our ways…

    But I agree that my saddest moment with Commander 2017 was realizing they didn’t give us four more partner commanders.

    I do like that mechanics since Kamigawa and even since Lorwyn are getting better and less parasitic. For instance sure Scarecrone is part of Scarecrow tribal, but only her first ability requires a scarecrow. And I like that while there’s cards that give you an effect and energy, there’s nothing that exists only to consume energy.

    Energy itself I like the design and balance of. I’d say each energy has a value of about 1/3rd of a card. A little expensive on the cards that you spend things on, but for things like Die Young, Harnessed Lightning, and Confiscation Coup, if you have no energy, then they work as normal. 1R instant deals 3 damage? Pretty standard, but if the target is small, you save some resources for later. And if you have a pool of energy? You can get some outsized effects for the cost.

    I do have a 10-card energy sub theme in my Dragonlord Silumgar list. I don’t pool my energy most of the time, but it is nice to get spare cards off Glint-Sleeved Siphoner and coax out of color lightning bolts with a Dynavolt Tower as a side effect. And Fabrication Module does a nice job getting you actual board presence for gathering energy.

    I actually hit on a nice idea to try and take things into a full energy list. Mairsil Energy Voltron. Sadly Mairsil isn’t on MTGO currently, but I could probably practice out the rest of the shell. Maybe with Marchesa at the helm instead and later in the 99.

    Clues are sweet. Yes, definitely kudos for Tireless Tracker and Ulvenwald Mysteries.

  • Eshed

    An Excerpt from my TappedOut bio: “I like decks that make cards change zones, move counters around, and have lots of fiddly bits.” So this episode is, technically speaking, my jam. I just haven’t found the right sandwich for the jam. I disassembled my own Silas Renn because I couldn’t see the forest for the durdles. I’ll have to revisit that one. I think my fiddliest of decks is the Thelon of Havenwood all-in Fungus deck. Once you get Sporesower Thallid on the table with a Sporoloth Ancient, that’s when the fiddles get serious! Hey, would you consider Morph decks, or Werewolves transforming as fiddly?

    • Kinghonkey

      One of the things I found that was great in my Silas Renn deck was Marionette Master. Combine it with something like Arcbound Ravager, or for a more budget option that actually combos better, Extruder. You can sacrifice fiddly bits or other artifacts to the Extruder to put +1/+1 counters on Marionette Master and she drains more and more life each time.

      • Eshed

        Now THAT is a creature begging for Cranial Plating!