No-Show Monday

December 11, 2017

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Hey everyone, this week’s episode of CommanderCast is on hold. Don’t worry it will be up this week and once it’s ready we will make sure to inform you of it. Thanks for the support.



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You, last week.


You, this week.



Hey Folks,


You got double the podcasts last week and zero podcasts this week, so it’s kinda like we’re still on schedule?  Life happened, and we needed to reschedule recording times, so instead you get a healthy dose of my text-based wonderings about Commander this week.  It’s like a podcast for your eyeballs.

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You can kinda guess what’s up this week from the title of this post, but we’ll definitely be back next week with a new show.  Life just gets in the way of cardboard wizardy sometimes.  Shame on you, Life.


In any case, I thought I’d use the space here to dive into a few random topics that have been rolling around my sleep-deprived brain this week.  Feel free to add the randomness in the comments section.

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Hey all,

You might notice some funky things going on with the site over the next few days, so I’m asking everybody to bear with us as we implement some of the changes that listeners have been asking for: namely, fixing our RSS feed and getting the podcast back up on iTunes.


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The short answer: my laptop ate half of the recording, but I didn’t realize until it was too late.  To top it off, work was so crazy this week that I didn’t even get the chance to post this mea culpa until just now.  Please bear with me, folks.  I’m usually not this incompetent.

But fear not, dear listeners! For Adam and I are going to sally forth and re-record the missing half of the episode this weekend.  If my intrepid co-host can take a chance on me and put up with my staggering level of ignorance, then I hope you can too.

With any luck, you’ll be hearing an audio version of this apology, followed by the latest episode of CommanderCast – in its entirety – this Monday.



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Billy headshot

By Billy


This is a horde idea I’ve had in the back of my head for a while, but I’ve never actually attempted to build before. I’m going to build a horde based on a plane, instead of a tribal theme.  For my first try at this, I decided to pick a plane with a very coherent feel and flavor: Innistrad!


So, as always, first up is the list.

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