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This is the face of disappointment I see in my head


I really do hate doing two No-Shows in a month but, as the title says, sometimes life doesn’t take my plans into account.  How very inconsiderate of you, Life.

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In this instance, I’d like to assume that the reverse is also true

Hi all,

As you may have noticed, this is usually where the podcast goes but it’s just me typing out a mea culpa this week.  Long story short: I needed some more time to wrap up the stack of grading I had at the end of the marking period and we didn’t have much of a topic lined up until next week, so it became an unintentional week off.


However, I’m never one to let space go to waste.  Whenever downtime hits, I usually go back to the well and check out some weird one-offs or dumb cycles of cards that I’ve either been meaning to pick up or that I haven’t found a proper home for yet.  Maybe some of these will find their way into a future ‘cast or be consigned to the dustbin of my trade binder; for now, though, I need a second opinion:

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No-Show Monday

December 11, 2017

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Hey everyone, this week’s episode of CommanderCast is on hold. Don’t worry it will be up this week and once it’s ready we will make sure to inform you of it. Thanks for the support.



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You, last week.


You, this week.



Hey Folks,


You got double the podcasts last week and zero podcasts this week, so it’s kinda like we’re still on schedule?  Life happened, and we needed to reschedule recording times, so instead you get a healthy dose of my text-based wonderings about Commander this week.  It’s like a podcast for your eyeballs.

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You can kinda guess what’s up this week from the title of this post, but we’ll definitely be back next week with a new show.  Life just gets in the way of cardboard wizardy sometimes.  Shame on you, Life.


In any case, I thought I’d use the space here to dive into a few random topics that have been rolling around my sleep-deprived brain this week.  Feel free to add the randomness in the comments section.

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Hey all,

You might notice some funky things going on with the site over the next few days, so I’m asking everybody to bear with us as we implement some of the changes that listeners have been asking for: namely, fixing our RSS feed and getting the podcast back up on iTunes.


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