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4 Responses to “Command Tower Episode 1: Merieke vs Rosheen”

  1. MrMetonymy said

    Great video! Excellent production values all around; the camera work was steady, the sound was clear, and the graphic overlay was exceptionally well done. I’m really happy to see high quality video content like this on CommanderCast again.

    Bonus points for the best use of a Napoleon Dynamite reference I’ve seen in the past decade :).

  2. Andy.Prime said

    Wow that was seriously the best vs style video of commander I have seen. You explained what was happening and showed the cards as they came down. Usually in this kinda videos it is just a mess and hard to follow the action, nice work.

  3. Wow, thanks for the love guys!

  4. epiksheep said

    Well done on the review, but I think you could have chosen a more back and forth game to really highlight the commanders. I would love to see more from this series, on the condition that we get larger games, or at least ones that last longer then 8-9 turns. As others have said, the technical side of the video was perfect. Good pacing, explaining all of the action (except what card was discarded, may be relevant) and did so without sounding boring nor getting too excited and missing or omitting some of the action as a consequence. Keep up the good work!

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