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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast! We’re your weekly source for Community, Strategy, and Technology, hosted on and our homesite:! This week Mark and Adam are kicking off our Precon Specials with a quick look at the wizards themed deck! The guys go with a quick rundown over the Commanders from the deck and then they go over the pros and cons of the deck!

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CommanderCast 2017 Precon Special! (part 1)

Posted: September 25, 2017








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The Deck: Arcane Wizardry – Adam


General Thoughts (Ha! Puns!):



Strategy – How does the deck play?:  

  • Kind weird out of box
  • Not good at early game
  • Can manipulate wins
  • There is no clear strategy that I can tell


Technology – Highlights & lowlights:





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  • Jeremy Parsons

    I’ve not had a chance to play more than the vampire deck a couple times. What with people kvetching about the Wizard deck I took a while to look over the list. And while I’m likewise unsure of the win condition, it certainly felt like the deck was a fair amount of herp-derp. With such an eye on bouncing, flickering, and reusing its things. Which is weird for many of the wizards as noted. On the other hand that sounds like fetch Mairsil asap and do that to him. Which probably says, just run Mairsil as your commander.

    That said, my biggest disappointment with Mairsil is that M:TG has this concept of linked abilities. If a card’s second ability references an exiled card, it can only reference cards exiled by another ability of the same card. So I can’t use Mairsil to exile cards with one ability, then cage an Izzet Chemister and have him storm cast all the spells… only cards he’s personally exiled with the Chemister’s first ability.

  • Eshed

    I don’t have much to say on my friend’s Wizards, but I can say this; Galecaster Colossus IS a wincon, albeit a slow one. Mirror of the Forbears alongside it becomes terrifying. With the simple addition of Patron Wizard and Wanderwine Prophets, his Inalla-led deck has been terrorizing us ever since. I was surprised to hear the lack of love for Bloodline Necromancer… between that and Pupeteer Clique and their Inalla copies, we had great diffculty keeping his Wizards off the board without exile effects, which he promptly countered. There was a game where we played “BANG!” variant… Dragons were the Sheriff, lucking out with Wizards as the Deputy. Oh, man… we bandits didn’t stand a chance.

    • Adam Traas

      Yeah galecaster is good. Wanderwine prophits spoked from this deck, but i didn’t go that route. It does make inalla more viable though.

  • Dadsquatch

    One thing about the new curse cycle that I didn’t even think about, until I read an article by Bennie Smith on Star City, is that they can enchant yourself to an actual benefit. Yes, people might be incentivized to attack you, but you also reap the benefit. In the right deck where you want to lure them into a trap, or have them attack you (Basandra, Isperia Supreme Judge, Fumiko, Hixus, Ur Dragon, Kazuul) they’re not as terrible as I originally thought. Curse of Bounty is especially powerful, giving all your creatures psuedo-vigilance in green. Curse of Disturbance means you always have one blocker. Curse of Vitality…okay, that’s still not very good.

    I have nothing really to add to the Wizards deck. Mairsil is waiting to be cracked open, I will not be the person to expend brain power to do such a thing.

    • Eshed

      Ooh, now that you mention it… Someone like Yeva, Nature’s Herald could probably agonize the table with Curse of Bounty on herself. Mana dorks untap, and you get to flash a creature into the attacking creature’s path!

      • Dadsquatch

        Yeah, I would have never thought about Yeva, mainly because I probably wouldn’t choose her as a general unless I was going tribal bears, but cool idea.