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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast! We’re your weekly source for Community, Strategy, and Technology, hosted on and our homesite:! This week Mark and Adam are continuing our Precon Specials with a quick look at the cat themed deck! The guys go with a quick rundown over the Commanders from the deck and then they go over the pros and cons of the deck!

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CommanderCast 2017 Precon Special! (part 2 – Feline Ferocity)

Posted: October 2, 2017








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The Deck: Feline Ferocity – Mark


General Thoughts (Ha! Puns!):



Strategy – How does the deck play?:  

  • A steamroller driven by kitties. Slow, but powerful if it gets going.

Ha! Visual Puns!



  • Mana Base – It has one.


Technology – Highlights & lowlights:



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  • Dadsquatch

    A podcast that starts off with jokes about sodomy, how can I resist?

    I don’t have much to say about the cat deck. The new legends are all kind of neat and the deck seems solid. Wizards could have taken this opportunity to reprint Waiting in the Weeds for caca’s and haha’s.

    • Eshed

      Waiting in the Weeds would be a sweet inclusion… they could have included reprints of Scattered Grove and Canopy Vista to up the Forest count, instead of Selesnya Guildgate and Elfhame Palace. Works great with that new ramp card, too!

  • BeltFedWeapon

    Mark – nice shoutout to Infernal Darkness! You are obviously digesting The Power of the Dark Side!

  • Eshed

    Yep, that was pretty much what I expected to hear. My own experiences were entirely similar, but even more than lacking removal and card draw, the problem I found most annoying is Lightning Greaves granting Shroud shuts out Arahbo’s abilities. Also, my Sword of Light And Shadow doesn’t work with Arahbo since it grants protection from his color. I added Sigarda’s Aid and Regal Caracal right out of the box, replacing the new curses. Doing so without even trying them out first feels wrong, but I’m not casting Curse of Vitality unless I have a very compelling argument for doing so. Curse of Bounty would work better in a build more suited to breaking parity by untapping mana rocks/dorks and utility creatures like Mother of Runes (this much you already know). Those complaints aside, I was excited to play these new Legends, especially Balan. He gets around one of the problems of equipment decks by using that inexpensive ability to pick up all the things, and he really seems like a nice guy. I didn’t yet have the heart to usurp Arahbo’s leadership, but in the future I’d like to try out Nazahn at the head, and maybe I’ll brew Mirri and Balan their own decks.

    • Jeremy Parsons

      I haven’t yet decided if I want a Balan for my Zedruu equipment deck. (He definitely fits things the deck does, as it does include Vulshock Berserker, Armory Automaton, and Kazuul’s Toll Collector.) That is totally a deck that drops huge equipment and cheats past the equipment costs. There was just something that rubbed me the wrong way, not a big deal but I feel it was something about the costs associated with him. Like I might already be saturated on cards that do that effect? if I happened to get one, I might try Balan out, but not enough glaring need yet that I felt I had to grab him.

      • Eshed

        Here’s one reason why Balan stood apart in my mind; He’s a Knight! Believe it or not, legendary knights aren’t easy to come by… at least not any that make a decent Commander, who will also play well with a card in my Changeling deck that seeing Balan spoiled immediately reminded me of; Knight Exemplar. It gives other knights you control +1/+1 and Indestructible. (Let none of my justifications be construed as endorsements of card quality)

        • Jeremy Parsons

          *laugh* I think I randomly play that guy in my Gisella deck, humans, mostly warriors, a few random knights. So randomly the knights or changeling champions might survive a board wipe.

        • Dadsquatch

          I made a tribal knight deck in Esper colors once with, of all commanders, Zur at the helm. He basically was a tutor for anthems and the like. It was one of the “fairer” Zur decks I’ve seen..

          • Eshed

            That’s a good way to turn a hated general into fun times! The best I could come up with for Zur without going full-on enchantment voltron was using him to find Pemmin’s Aura for Merieke Ri Berit. I tried so hard to make Zur a commander I wouldn’t mind playing, but I couldn’t bear to shuffle a tall EDH stack every turn just to go find the fastest win. I still haven’t found a way to make him anything but linear and lethal… OOH! I’LL USE HIM TO FIND CURSE OF VITALITY!!! Just you wait, I’m gonna gain so much life!