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Hello everyoneand welcome to CommanderCast! We’re your weekly source for Community, Strategy, and Technology! This week Mark and Adam discuss the details of the Enchantress style decks. These are the decks that rely upon a heavy amount enchantments. If it’s a lot of global effects that change the way the game plays or a Voltron style deck where all your cards combine into one huge stick of beating! All this and more await you with the click of an Ib!


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CommanderCast Episode 271 – Enchantress’s Presents

Posted: Feb. 13, 2017








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What is an enchantress deck and how do they play?





Notably bad Commander:




Types of enchantress archetypes

  • Voltron
    • Game plan: make commander protected and big and swing
    • Win con: Commander Damage



  • Value engine
    • Game plan: Outpace the draw and of other opponents, sometime recursion
    • Win con: could be anything as long as you have advantage




Adam – collective restraint, cleansing meditation, herald of the pantheon


Mark – Sigarda’s Aid, Epic Proportions, Umbra Mystic




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  • Jeremy Parsons

    Alas. I don’t have an enchantment matters deck myself. Though I have managed to deck myself with Eidolon of Blossoms shenanigans.

    I do run a few and Enlightened Tutor in my Pheldagrif voltron deck. Like Rafiq. But I exchange hitting hard reliably for being really hard to block and avoiding the commander tax.

    • Adam Traas

      Eidolon is better than most enchantresses IMO. I really love that card.

      I have a love of experience playing against rafiq decks, but not too much on hippo mama. I have actually never seen a pheldagriff voltron built, only ever pillow forty hug builds. How does it do?

      • Jeremy Parsons

        Phelddgrif does well enough. I admit I don’t take it out a lot. I guess because it doesn’t have the big plays per se. It has access to all the same tools as Rafiq, but instead of raw power, you’re getting a commander who’s very hard to block or tax. Since it can variably fly, trample, and return to your hand as opposed to always hitting the command zone. And people get surprised when you pump it and swing in. That’s totally not what they expect when they see the ‘Grif.

      • Jeremy Parsons

        As to Eidolon vs Enchantresses. The distinction is moot most of the time. And probably favors the Enchantresses for being cheaper to cast and triggering on cast. Since you always get the draw. But the Eidolon does replace itself.

        I did use to have the Eidolon in my populate deck where it was useful to cast enchantments after it or to make token copies of it. That’s actually how I decked myself. I had two token Eidolons and thought casting Parallel Evolution into a Hive Mind would be a good idea. My deck didn’t have 217 cards in it.

        Might I note that Eidolon of Blossoms lacks a ‘may’ clause?

        • Adam Traas

          To me, the etb vs cast is just really good and you draw off itself too.

  • Josh Jurgensen

    Loved the episode, gang. I’ve been running a Derevi enchantress for a long time running now – and it’s one of my very favorite decks to play. It’s also one of the few decks I play that don’t run Sol Ring/Mana Crypt. The Enchantresses are all still there but aren’t hugely necessary in normal play. The typical win condition is to get a single land to tap for more than enough mana (Dawn’s Reflection/Market Festival) to put him into play with his ability, sacrifice him and repeat for infinite mana/taps/untaps.

    My wincons have ranged from Divine Intervention and Stasis in the past to the few that I’m currently running – Ancestral Mask and Helm of the Gods (for combat and Commander Damage), Heliod + Skybind + Serra’s Sanctum (to Generate a pile of Cleric tokens while shutting the active player out of their key permanents during their turn) and any extra mana land and enchantress + Treachery + Words of Wind to bounce all opponents’ permanents back to their hands.

    Enchantments are the most robust permanent type in the game, they’re great fun and there’s a TON of forgotten gems that can be dug up and find a place in your next foray into enchantments.

    Thanks for dropping some Forbidden Lore on all of us with this one.

  • ggodo

    My wife has a Teneb The Harvester enchantress deck, that is all about enchantment creatures, to get enchantress triggers off of bodies. It’s pretty cool. Just got an Argothiam Enchantress from an Eternal Masters draft.

    • Adam Traas

      Nice. I just bought mine recently for my four color enchantress. How is she enjoying it?

      • ggodo

        Don’t know yet. Haven’t actually slotted Argothian in yet. I’ll report back when I have something to share. I expect good things.

  • Kinghonkey

    I know Krond doesn’t get much love because of his prohibitive casting cost, but when you play him in an enchantress build and use all of the land enchantments that produce additional mana (another Mark favorite) he enters beast mode quickly. I had to take mine apart because he would fly through, one shot an opponent, then exile another player’s general and still be untapped and essentially indestructible for the next turn. He won quite a bit, but I got bad feelings from other players.

    You two talking about Hakim has me itching to do stupid things and trying to build a deck for him. My first thought was self mill or group mill and then stacking the enchantments from the ‘yard, but then I realized how moronic that was when Bruuna does it better.

    • Mark Mahler

      Yes.. listen to the lure of Hakim… I would totally play any Loreweaver list you put together, Ward.

      Regarding Krond: I actually slotted him into my Rafiq Enchatress build after you mentioned how busted he was, but he just hasn’t come up in any of my games yet. I know you said that your playgroup gives you the stinkeye for playing Krond, but I figure since I’m already playing Mr. “paint a target on my forehead” as my general I might as well double-down.

      • Kinghonkey

        Krond was the main focus of the deck, the rest of the creatures were meant to draw cards (Enchantresses) or retrieve auras (Academy Rector, etc.). So he got almost all of the enchantment love to go and wreck face.

        It wasn’t fast, Rafiq is certainly a much quicker and more reliable source of damage, but it held that inexorable feeling of impending doom and being able to shut down two sides of the board at once.

    • Jeremy Parsons

      About the only time I saw someone using Krond was as backup in a Uril deck. I don’t think they appreciated it when I dug him out of their graveyard with Animate dead.

      • Eshed

        OOF! Well played.