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Hello everyone and welcome to the real CommanderCast Episode 277! We’re your weekly source for Community, Strategy, and Technology, hosted on and our homesite:! The guys are back this week. Mark and Adam go over Office Color Deck ideas. This week it’s all about Aggro! A Deck based on the idea of going into the red zone. So what’sthe catch? Well they guys are doing it in blue… Yeah…

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CommanderCast Episode 277

Posted: April 3, 2017








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Amonkhet Spoilers! (in brief)


Aggro philosophy

  • Turn cards sideways every turn
  • Curve out
  • Minimal spell slots
    • Removal to get through
    • Card draw
    • Protection
    • Combat tricks
  • Often lower land count




Why is blue normally bad at aggro?

  • Combat tricks are subpar
  • Blue is more reactive
  • Lack haste and power from creatures


How can blue be aggro?


  • Good at evasion/protection
  • Great card draw to keep the threats coming
  • Lock opponents boards for alpha strikes









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  • Jeremy Parsons

    I had a 60 card deck built around Ovinomancer. It’s definitely the kind of card you play because it’s a pet card.

    You missed Talrand as an aggro deck. Once you drop him then you just cantrip and control while swinging with endless drakes.

    I saw Kira used as a commander. She wasn’t aggro, she was actually a control magic deck. Steal your creatures and now it’s harder for you to come up with answers for the creatures she has. For similar reasons I’m trying her as a 3-drop in a Dragonlord Silumgar aggro/vehicle deck.

    • ggodo

      I had Ovinomancer in my cube for a bit, but no one played it. 🙁

      I think I’ll build a Bad Stuff Cube just to force people to play it.

      • Jeremy Parsons

        I was playing it with Gaea’s Touch and Concordant Crossroads. Let me play bunches and bunches of forests and hasty Ovinomancers.

        • ggodo

          Ooh. That’s way better. I never took the time to try to make any synergy work with it. I just stuck it in my cube, and it never worked out.

          • Jeremy Parsons

            I think if you want it in a Cube you need to put the right synergies into the cards so that it’s the pay off for what you want to be doing in the colors. Like if you put in a whole bunch of Gaea’s Touch, Urban Evolution, Burgeoning, with payoff cards like Ovinomancer and Simic Skyswallower. Or maybe Slip Torpor orb and Hushwing Griff into the set as well.

          • ggodo

            I do have a Torpor Orb lying around. . .

            Eh, the current shape of the cube doesn’t have a place for it and seems to be working.

    • Eshed

      Many years ago, my then-local game store had a copy in their display case. I always wanted it (who doesn’t want to turn their enemy’s creatures into sheep?), but I never bought it. It’s the kind of card I always loved seeing in a binder, but didn’t want sitting in my hand thanks to that staggering drawback. All these years later, I look at Kynaios and Tiro’s Landfall potential including red for Haste, and I wish I had a copy of the Ovinomancer.

  • ggodo

    Ok, spoilers discussion, because I’m not finished listening. As soon as Cat Snake got spoiled I got a text from my buddy with the Snake Deck that they printed a card for both of us. Waaaaaayyyyyy back in ye olden daze when we were first getting started I built Cats Tribal, and he had Kamigawa Snakes Tribal. This Serpopard will unite our tribes in a new era of peace.

    As for cycling lands, I think these will be Commander Staples. I think we might need Grandpa Growth to come here and argue with me over lands again, but I think you’ll want to be playing these more often than not.

  • ggodo

    Ok, so a buddy of mine has had Snake Tribal since we started playing in the Mirrodin/Kamigawa era. My Cat Tribal deck has been doing battle with his snakes since time immemorial. He sent me a text with the link to the Serpopod captioned “They made a card for both of us!” This Cat Snake will unite our tribes and usher in a new era of peace in the realms.

    Also Cycling Lands are going to be staples. Seriously. Like, let’s get Grandpa Growth in here to fight me over lands, but I think he’ll agree that these things are way better than you’re thinking, even if always ETB tapped always sucks. I figure you’re not going to be fetching these over shocks/basics, but I’m going to Farseek these, and totally cycle them as late game topdecks. These are way better than you’re goving credit, even if they aren’t The Best. I’ll put them in any Farseek deck before Temples or other Non-Typed Duals.

    • ggodo

      Linking the dissenting opinion to mine in a continued effort to provoke a response from Grandpa Growth.

      Also, I disagree with the way he set up his poll, in that the only real question is how these compare to Temples. Anyone with eyes can see Shock Lands are better 90% of the time.

      And Slippery Karst doesn’t also fix my mana, darnit. I’ve hit the point where the monocolored cyclers only go in monocolored decks, but the ability to also fix my mana means these are getting a slot in enough of my decks that I ought to be able to at least test them.

  • ggodo

    Apologies for the double comment. Things didn’t work on phone, and it told me my comment didn’t work. 🙁

    Also, Phasing does not trigger ETBs, but it used to. But it didn’t always, but then it might’ve, and now it doesn’t.

    Also, I’m a bit younger than you, but I am outing myself on this:


  • Kinghonkey

    Fuckin’ Dokken….man.

    Thassa herself actually isn’t a bad commander for Aggro. I built a version where the creatures were all rogue-types that would draw you cards when they triggered on combat damage. You’re always drawing cards and Thassa’s scry nets you a little bit of an ability to filter what you’re picking up.

    Mistform Ultimus isn’t bad as an aggro commander…it really isn’t. If you’re not careful you can have infinite turns via Oathkeeper, Takeno’s Daisho and Wanderwine Prophets. It’s the stupidest combo.

    • ggodo

      I really like the idea of Mistform Ultimus: ALL THE LORDS! Just find ever Blue Lord or Exalted critter and do Voltron by way of Swarm. Someday I’ll type up the list and start acquiring the pieces.

  • Jeremy Parsons

    I know these off color discussions have been skimping on the artifacts. But it’s not like I’ve seen that much discussion of the vehicles either. My current deck is U/B aggro with Dragonlord Silumgar at the helm. (I really wanted a fun deck with Silumgar, but my previous attempts had been oppressive and grindy with no innate win condition.) Using the vehicles and pilots lets me have outsized threats for my colors without exposing my entire board to as much removal all at once. And it does give me more forms of pseudo haste. I’m not doing greaves onto Sygg swing for 1; I’m doing Sygg, crew a Smuggler’s Copter, swing, trigger off copter, trigger off Sygg for hitting someone for 3. The deck’s been proving fun, even if it is a bit weak (typical aggro EDH conundrums hit here as well.)

    Vehicles of note: Smuggler’s Copter, Mobile Garrison, Untethered Express, Aethersphere Harvester, Cultivator’s Caravan, and Skysovereign. Mostly things with cheap crew costs because U/B creatures aren’t known for power. But the Cultivator is still a mana rock.

    Topic suggestion: I feel this goes with the 75% rule, but how much raw power is appropriate in an EDH decklist? These are the staples that fall into the good stuff lines of play. Cyclonic Rift, Genesis Wave, Birthing Pod. Cards that I might try to strongly resist, but every now and then I’ll admit that yes, my current deck needs more oomph and in this particular situation I’ll salt the deck with some of these cards that fit its strategy. For instance, adding Leyline of Anticipation to my Silumgar deck, because at some point I’ll have a handful of cheap creatures, have been hit by a board wipe, and want to commit them at instant speed in order to keep my attack going.

    The overboard case of this raw power is my Silver Overlord deck on MTGO which includes many of them. Thus the deck tends to live in M:TGcal Christmas land.

    • Adam Traas

      Oh the artifacts are coming. I think we avoid them in this discussion mostly because we all know they are available for the rest of the deck, but we are trying to make a base in color.

      • Jeremy Parsons

        Its an interesting conundrum. Certain colors just dip so heavily into certain types of artifacts that to avoid discussing them seems a shame.

        And in the case of Vehicles, they’re so very new. My U/B deck is my first major playing with them in EDH. Also my first minor playing with Energy, but I’m really loving my vehicle suite. Though am tempted to find a couple items to animate. Say the Dimir guild key or a manland.