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Hello everyone and welcome to the real CommanderCast Episode 278! We’re your weekly source for Community, Strategy, and Technology, hosted on and our homesite:! The guys are back this week. Mark and Adam go over Office Color Deck ideas. This week we heard your cries for artifacts. You wanted to see a Deck that used those lovely metal items, creatures, and bobbles. So what’sthe catch? Well they guys are doing it in black… Yeah…

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CommanderCast Episode 278

Posted: April 10, 2017








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More Amonkhet Spoilers! (definitely not brief)


Gods, Cartouches, and Cats, oh my!


Plus: Why aren’t there more Sphinxes in the Egyptian set? Is Wither going to be a thing again?




Why is black normally bad at artifact decks?

  • Fewer artifact synergies
  • Fewer artifact matters cards


How to avoid generic black good stuff (Put down the Exsanguinate!)


How can artifacts matter be in black?

  • Tutors make combos easier to assemble
  • Rely on the few synergies that exist



Combo (eggs)




Geth, lord of the vault

Sidisi, undead vizier

King Macar, the gold-cursed

(*See also: Rival’s Duel Ep: 78 – King Macar Edition & Commanderin’ Ep: 73)




Generic artifact matters


Liquimetal coating

Mycosynth lattice

Station combo

(Module combo?)


Benefit from sacs







Artifact matters




Card draw


King Macar






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  • Jeremy Parsons

    I must say as a combination of cards, I want to believe in the Kaldra set of equipment.

    It should also be noted that Xenic Poltergeist while clunky and vulnerable, is also a way to make artifacts vulnerable to kill effects. Less so originally since Black is often saddled with nonblack, nonartifact, text, but in modern Black there’s more options. However this might just mean you should try and run Karn, Silver Golem instead to broaden your targets.

    Mmm, which one of those would I want to run in my current UB Aggro deck… Maybe Karn, I do occasionally have those 12 mana turns. Your lightning greaves squirm and live, leaving itself and your creature susceptible to my removal and my general Dragonlord Silumgar.

  • Kinghonkey

    Extruder is not a terrible card! You take that back, Mark Mahler!

    Ok, ok…it’s not great, I do own a foil copy and maybe that influences my thinking, but regardless, you know what’s fun? Combining Extruder _with_ Marionette Master. I have a Breya deck that makes a lot of Thopter tokens and Marionette Master + Extuder (or Hatred) is a multi-kill condition. Or sac the thopter tokens to Extruder to put Breya into a Voltron mode.

    Phyrexian Tribute is also a thing, and the creatures you could sac could be artifact creatures as well. It is terrible, but at least it’s a little more artifact removal in black, only slightly better than enchantment removal in black… *looks over at Quagmire Druid*…nevermind.

    • Jeremy Parsons

      Extruder is such a unique card. I can’t think of too many other effects that can let you slap around +1/+1 counters willy nilly without jumping right into Arcbound Ravager. That said it’s both niche and not very common. You’re far more likely to fill that spot with a random vehicle from your last Aether Revolt draft and not go looking for it.

      • Kinghonkey

        Extruder almost reads like a sorcery allowing you to use it for one turn:

        Sacrifice any number of artifacts you control. For each artifact sacrificed this way, put a +1/+1 counter on any number of target creatures.

        I’m sure that’s worded incorrectly, but it feels like a non-creature spell already out there, or a colorless Ghave.

        I own every vehicle they’ve printed, and yet I only use one of them out of 30 of my decks. I can’t find a place for them without feeling derivative.

        • Jeremy Parsons

          I think that’s a fair evaluation of Extruder. And in this context was referring to some card sitting around your draft piles that’s good enough for your deck.

          In my new U/B aggro deck I ended up running 6 of the vehicles.
          -Cultivator’s Caravan: it’s a mana rock that hits hard, but is harder to crew, but it’s a nice option.
          -Smuggler’s Copter: the looting is nice, this is a good card and should see more play.
          -Untethered Express: has trample, grows, and is Crew 1
          -Aethersphere Harvester: Crew 1, and I had it
          -Mobile Garrison: crew 2, but the untap is nice, flexible, and a good way to get immediate use out of King Macar
          -Skysoverign: steep crew cost, but firing at utility creatures and planeswalkers is sweet

          They’re resilient and provide some amount of psuedo haste as I use my smaller utility creatures to drop into play and then swing these beasts. It’s also fun to enhance the vehicles with ciphers and +1/+1 counters. But they’re also not that exciting as EDH creatures go. Not so much a matter of derivative as limited bang for the buck and we can do better.

          (As a sidelight, 2 of my other mana rocks also can swing under conditions, and I feel I should dig out at least a Faerie Conclave for similar reasons.)

          • Mark Mahler

            Do you think Skysovereign is worth running in EDH? I’ve been on the fence about picking one up

          • Jeremy Parsons

            In general I’d say yes, pick up a Skysoverin. 3 starts hitting an awkward crew cost, but it’s a relevant size, resilient, and tossing repeatable 3 damage around is very useful for helping manage utility creatures and planeswalkers.

    • Mark Mahler

      Oh, alright. I guess I’ll give Extruder a pass. I do actually use it in my Glissa eggs build and I’m usually happy with the results. I’m probably evaluating it incorrectly, but this is the only time I actually like the Echo cost, as it gives me a free trigger on my next upkeep.

      And Marionette Master is totally bananas in an eggs deck. Love that card. When it got spoiled, I though to myself, “WotC heard my prayers.”

      • Kinghonkey

        Oh, I don’t run it either, no sir, I’m just saying it’s a thing that exists on the fringe of usefulness. I don’t even run Gate to Phyrexia, even though I own one. I don’t even know what I run for artifact hate in my mono black deck. It’s a creatureless Toshiro Umezawa. *looks through deck*

        Nothing, I run nothing against artifacts in mono black….smooth.

        • Jeremy Parsons

          For a bit I joked that Rachael should use Grinning Totem in the Avacyn Alpha Build project as an answer to Graveyard shenanigans (Seeing as those mostly happen in black based decks who if good also have a bojuka bog to search for.) Mono black with either Gonti or a little preparation to have the colors could try and find answers in other people’s decks for artifacts.