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Hello everyone and welcome to the real CommanderCast Episode 279! We’re your weekly source for Community, Strategy, and Technology, hosted on and our homesite:! The guys are back this week. Mark and Adam go over Office Color Deck ideas and believe me when I say…. this is one of those sleeping dogs they should have let lie. So this week’s deck idea is spellslingers. That’s a deck that relies primarily on casting spells as a win condition over playing permanents. So… what’s the catch? Well they guys are doing it in white… Yeah…

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CommanderCast Episode 279

Posted: April 17, 2017








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Pharaoh, let my spoilers go!




What is a spellslinging deck?

  • A deck that relies primarily on casting spells as opposed to committing permanents to the field.


Why is white normally bad at spellslinging decks?

  • No storm
  • No real win cons
  • No spell-centric commanders


How can “spells matter” work in white?

  • Concentrate on reactive spells
  • Concentrate permanents on ones that trigger off spells being cast
  • Combat tricks
  • Token spells






Win con


Spell triggers

Angel’s feather & Staff of the sun magus

Shrine of loyal legions

Myth realized

Leering emblem

Scroll of the masters

Veilstone amulet


Cost reduction

Cloud key

Pearl medallion

Mana matrix

Stone calendar

Helm of Awakening



Dragon bell monk

Jeskai student

Lotus-eye mystics

Monastery mentor

Ojutai exemplars

Seeker of the way

Strongarm monk



Probably don’t play Arcane spells, but…








Combat Denial


Damage Deflection




Removal (aside from the obvious ones)




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  • Jeremy Parsons

    I feel like White has all the tools to kill the entire table with an Aetherflux Resovoir. But that it would end up feeling more like Mono-white combo or control. By the nature of white spells, it’s good at handling things, but so many of them take the form of stop hitting me over actually progressing the game. And since you’re not actually hurting the opponent with them, it hardly will ever have the feel of spell slinging. And even if you were spell and token heavy, it would feel more like cogs in a machine gathering for combo over actually slinging spells.
    And another way to put it, when was the last time you viewed the game was lost as soon as a mono white player cast a huge spell and no one had any answerers? People fear huge red, green, black, and red non-creature spells.

  • Kinghonkey

    Well, God bless you fellas for trying white spell slingers. I made a Crovax, Ascendant Hero deck (my excuse being it was before Elesh Norn was released) years ago using token spells and it was fine, I guess. It _does_ make me interested in trying out the Celestial Kirin build. I also just built a Tromokratis deck, so your blue aggro episode got me thinking as well.

    Monastery Mentor is an absolute work horse in the right deck, I have won games just using him and some cheap cantrips and “egg” type artifacts.

    The green stax comment kind of came out of left field. I can only think of about a half dozen green cards off the top of my head that would qualify as “staxable”. I think most of the cards will be artifacts anyway. I’d guess Vorinclex would probably be one of the douchiest generals for such an endeavor.

    • Mark Mahler

      Oh boy, Vorinclex. Everybody’s favorite…

      I’m glad Adam jumped on this idea, for while I think it sounds really cool, I don’t know how it would work outside of artifact hate. Hum of the Radix + Titania’s Song + ???

      • Kinghonkey

        Vorinclex is just a real “F-you” to the whole table. Same goes for Jin Gitaxias. I try sneaking them into decks and i will literally discard them even when I can play them because I know how much hate they’ll draw and how much it will make me feel like a tool. In fact, all of the praetors, except maybe Urabrask, just don’t feel very fun to me at all. I might run them in decks from time to time, but never as my general.

        As far as a green Stax deck, maybe stuff like Hall of Gemstone, City of Solitude, Dosan, Root Maze, Primal Order, Ritual of Subdual, Nature’s Wrath, Freyalise’s Winds, anything that punishes lands and then takes advantage of being in green and able to push past those limitations.

        • Jeremy Parsons

          The occurrence of the 6 Praetors, and a few others, like Sire of Insanity, is a real good reason to include some cheap efficient answers in your decks. Unfortunately some colors are much better at this than others. Alternatively, repeatedly abusing a player with instances of these cards taken from their deck, such as repeatedly putting someone else’s Jin Gitaxas into play, can help encourage these players to remove them.

          • Eshed

            Nothing says “stop that” like Bribery!