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 Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 284! We’re your weekly source for Community, Strategy, and Technology, hosted on and our homesite:! Last week we had a bit of a hiccup but Mark will explain it on the episode. Aside from that, with the recent uprisings of the Undead taking over certain popular formats, Mark and Adam are going over a few of Commander’s more popular rotting corpses. That right! The boys grab some shovels and start digging up the Zombies of Magic’s history to bring you a solid episode full of flies, maggots, and brain eating. Mmmmm….. Brraaiinnnsss!!!

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CommanderCast Episode 284

Posted: May 22, 2017








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Commanders you can use for Zombie tribal





Esper Zombies Entourage


General: Ertai, the Corrupted






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  • Josh Jurgensen

    I’d think that since WOTC purchased TSR and they’ve tried to align products to allow for crossover between M:TG and D&D that it wouldn’t be unreasonable for one to consider current and previous Monster Manuals as a reasonable starting point for some info on the “Is a mummy a zombie?” debate.

    My opinion – based largely on D&D lore – is that no, they’re not. To me, it’s based largely on intent – in that mummies would be embalmed with the express intent for reanimation and zombies are typically either turned/infected or created post-mortem. Mummies – IIRC – are sentient, while zombies aren’t.

    • ggodo

      See, I think for Magic they need to be zombies for mechanical reasons. I don’t know if you were around for Kamigawa and its wierd “Tribal, but tribes that exist literally nowhere else” themes, but that was a massive pain in the butt for folks trying to make decks. I remember getting super excited for getting badass Samurai Tribal cards onlt to suffer immense disappoint upon realizing that there are only like 20 of them, and maybe 4 are playable.

      I love the flavor of mummies, but these are also notably not the sentient D&D kind, but more like service robots. I’m fine with them being zombies. It’s better for the game. I’d be fine with them being “Zombie Mummy,” too, but one-off creature types are Not Good for Magic as a whole, and homogenizing undead into fewer categories helps that immensely.

      • Jeremy Parsons

        M:TG is weirdly disjointed on this. After the big type change where Pygmy Allosaurs is a lizard and Xira Aren an insect Wizards and many undead tropes merged to Zombie you got them focusing on some things being Vedalken and others being cat soldiers. But more recently we go to Khans and suddenly we have not Snake Wizard, but Naga Wizard. I’ve no idea why we have this.

        • ggodo

          I’m not a fan of the rise of the naga, for the same reason. From what I’ve heard, R&D seems split on it, but Naga are apparently “Cool” and “Different” enough to get their own type, by whatever metric that is. MaRo has also said that Naga got the nod for being primarily of non-western mythological origin. It’s a part of their push for inclusivity.

  • Jeremy Parsons

    RSS feed seems to have a munged link again.

    • Mark Mahler

      I’ll try to unscrew this, too. To be honest, correcting this problem entirely will require me to go back through the past 283 episodes and manually correct the problem, so it’ll take some time. I promise I’ll get to it, but that might not happen for the next two weeks until I get more time to devote to fixing the backend of the site.

      Also, did I mention I teach English and not IT/web design? So I’ll also have to teach myself how to unscrew this as I go. Strap in, it’s likely to be a bumpy ride, but as God is my witness, I shall never let this RSS feed get this cocked up again!

  • Jeremy Parsons

    I would strongly suggest that yes there are leaks, acknowledge that the leaks happened. And then skip discussing them. I don’t want to reward the leaker.

    • Mark Mahler

      Adam and I talked over this issue in the Community section of the next show, Jeremy. Let me know what you think when you hear it.

  • Kinghonkey

    A couple of flavor topics:

    Lord of the Undead _is_ actually Dralnu. Look at the artwork referencing him and also the original flavor text is from Dralnu.

    I had a Dralnu deck, but I rarely played him, instead relying on the power of the other 99. He was more of an afterthought for a strong Dimir control build and it was too crunchy for my style. I still love both artworks and the story behind him, but you’re right, his drawback is too heinous without tons of protection and timing. I used sac outlets and stuff like Magebane Armor.

    I put the Brothers Hildebrandt up there with other classical fantasy illustrators from the 60’s through 80’s, like Boris Vallejo, Ed Beard Jr, Ken Kelly, Frank Frazetta…..their work is great and highly influential, but it’s also highly dated and isn’t my cup of tea anymore. It doesn’t fit with the current look of Magic, which has thankfully grown surprisingly diverse.

    A guide to Raymond Swanland Art: Does everything look sharp like it would probably give you tetanus? Is the color pallet either orange, pale blue or both? If you zoomed in, are the digital brush strokes obvious and it loses resolution? You’ve got Raymond Swanland.

    Did you happen to see the price for the Kev Walker version of Ertai, the Corrupted? Yeah, I bought the Mark Tedin one instead.

    I have used Tymaret, The Murder King in a really strange Rakdos Pillow Fort build. You sacrifice creatures that recur for direct damage and include multipliers that increase the damage, while you sit back behind traditional pillow fort cards. It was actually a lot of fun, and at one point I entered Magical Christmas Land. I was using Heartstone and repeatedly sacrificing Gravecrawler to deal 16 damage each time.

    I’m also the one who altered Uncle Land Drop’s Tymaret. Shameless plug.

    Also, I think you mentioned it recently in a different show, but not in the Esper zombie build, but Necromancer’s Covenant is good even after the tokens die.

  • Kinghonkey

    My comments keep getting flagged as spam by Disqus. That is disheartening considering how much thought I put into writing such drivel of little intrinsic value.

    • Mark Mahler

      Curse you, Disqus! Why can’t you turn your ire upon all the bots that keep leaving links to random Tumblr sites?

      Seriously, though, I’m looking into this for you. Has this been happening all along or is it a new thing? Maybe it’s an issue with a recent update. Either way, I’ll try to sort it out.