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 Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 285! We’re your weekly source for Community, Strategy, and Technology, hosted on and our homesite:! This week Mark and Adam are going over a few spoilers for the upcoming set, Hour of Devastation! Then after that we move into a discussion on Cycling. You see some old mechanics of Magic have a tendency to show up in newer sets. This leads to certain ones building up enough cards to eventually make a Commander deck with that was a few cards short. Plus Mark really just wants to build this deck and where else better to discuss it than here. 

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CommanderCast Episode 285

Posted: June 5, 2017









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  • Leaks in general
    • How do we feel about this?


  • Spoilers
    • Nicol Bolas, God Pharaoh
    • Samut, the Tested
    • Bontu’s Last Reckoning




  • History of Cycling
    • Introduced in Urza’s Saga, all were for (2)
    • Onslaught added other costs and had additional effects and cards that triggered off of cycling
    • Scourge added land cycling
    • Came back in Time Spiral
    • Future Sight added non-mana cycling and type-cycling
    • Alara block had “mega-cycling” and basic landcycling


Complimentary Cycling mechanics:


“Whenever you draw a card” triggers:


“Discard a card” triggers:


Semi-looting (discard/draw) effects:


“…shuffles his or her graveyard into his or her library”:







Spell Mastery:








Entourage: Cycling deck tech



Land talk

  • All the cycling lands (even the colored mana cyclers?)






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  • Eshed

    Volrath’s Shapeshifter, your day has come at last! Mwahahaha

    • Mark Mahler

      Poor ol’ Volrath’s Shapeshifter. It didn’t even make the cut in my Shapeshifter deck ;).

  • ggodo

    Did Two-Headed Giant Prerelease with my Wife, she built Cat God aggro, I had three Faith of the Devoted, and a whole deck of cyclers. Best bad idea I ever played.

  • Jeremy Parsons

    Hour of Devestation is early next month, so hadn’t realized that handful of spoilers was out of line. And seemed fitting with the Archenemy info just revealed by the mothership.

    Bontu’s Reckoning is playable. You could readily wipe the board, drop something else, and leave mana up just in case. This is huge. Sure you don’t untap, but the board is clear. This is also interesting to see a cycle of spells which exert the caster. Hopefully the blue and green ones won’t be busted.

    As to Isochron scepter, well isn’t this a fortuitous time to include Muddle the Mixture as a Transmute spell that can either fetch a sceptor or be installed on it.

  • Craig Philpot

    Maybe not on Theme but Enchanted Evening makes Cleansing Meditation so much more evil.

  • Kinghonkey

    One thing I like about the specific land cycling creatures (Twisted Abomination, Shoreline Ranger, etc.) is that you can search for dual lands. That has been incredibly useful for my mana fixing now that there are three types of newer, affordable dual lands. 2 colorless to search for a dual land (or even a basic) at instant speed and they’re bulk commons and uncounterable, that sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

    I run a Grixis cycling deck. It used to have the cute interaction of cycling creatures that cost 3 or more, Demonic Dread and Living End. Living End used to be the only card in the deck with a cmc lower than 3, so it was an auto-cascade to resurrect my crappy cycling creatures and wipe the board at the same time. Drift of Phantasms could even transmute for Demonic Dread, or Grim Tutor. But, just like you both pointed out, a bunch of crappy creatures coming back from the graveyard is better than no creatures at all.

    Your episode convinced me to make the deck more cycling-centric and less of a one trick pony. I had never considered Tombstone Stairwell for the deck and it’s perfect. I used to use it in Vela, the Night Clad with a bunch of sacrificial creatures, because Stairwell would trigger her “leaves the battlefield” every turn.

    I’m glad Cycling got the somewhat “evergreen” treatment. It’s a well-designed mechanic that touches on several different aspects of the game (draw, discard, graveyard and uncounterable instant speed) that still has more room for exploration.

    Last thing. One of my favorite cycling creatures is Scion of Darkness. His ability is good and he’s a 6/6 beater, but that triple black and 8 mana…he’s almost always a graveyard shenanigan instead of a hard cast. For some reason, the version I have is German, a.k.a SPROSS der DUNKELHEIT!!! I have a friend who speaks German who loves reading the card text in his angriest, most Teutonic voice possible. We end up loudly singing Rammstein at the table.

  • Jeremy Parsons

    Yes. The Simic Signet actually is supposed to look like some soap. The guilds are all supposed to be doing things for the city of Ravnica. And the Simic are one of the more utilitarian mercantile guilds in what they provide for the city.

  • Donny Whipple

    Mark, my dude…this episode made me wish I was good at art things so I could send you some sick signet alters and you’d never have an excuse not to play them again. 🙂