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 Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 286! We’re your weekly source for Community, Strategy, and Technology, hosted on and our homesite:! This week Mark and Adam are going over the Announcement of Announcements! Then after that we talk about these Liches in Magic. Are you a Lich, do you know a Lich, or do you know someone with Lich tendencies? Well this episode is all about you Liches out there! 

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CommanderCast Episode 286

Posted: June 12, 2017








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Adam – Jace’s Sanctum, Disciple of the Ring, Mind Over Matter, Land Equilibrium, Demonic Pact,


Mark – Consult the Necrosages, Extract from Darkness, Consuming Aberration





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  • Eshed

    I really like this trend where you talk about something towards the end of the show, some idea for a deck perhaps, and then a week later, BOOM! New show on that topic.

    • Mark Mahler

      I’m glad “flying by the seat of our pants” seems to work for our audience. That’s what I love about you all :).

  • Jeremy Parsons

    For Art, I go with the original version, except Icy Manipulator. I love the Amy Weber bone crank of that.

    Sadly Runic Repetition can only retrieve cards that have flash back in and of themselves. Sorry.

    In terms of Win conditions for Dralnu or even Dimir it might have been helpful to bring that up earlier in your build. Especially since as you eventually hit upon, Dimir sucks for EDH relevant win conditions. As much as one can get after Boros for lacking card draw, at least its generals hit hard and will win the game. Dimir is all subtlety and side effects and small power evasive creatures. And you don’t have the raw mana count of going mono-Black or mono-Blue to readily hit the absurd things. Hence the problem of trying to use the Mirari here. Phenax is probably the best Dimir mill deck, and Lazav is probably the best voltron Dimir has. I did work up a Dragonlord Silumgar list, and the first version was miserable, take all the things, lose them have no win con; all oppression, no fun. The current version is go-wide U/B midrange, which plays into small evasive creatures and a lot of attackers that are only creatures when I want them to be.

    Another side effect of Dimir, regardless of win con and general, is that your deck is going to be a jerk. There’s no way around it. Your creature removal is adequate at best, but you have such limited answers to non-creatures that hit the battlefield. Other mixes have access to at least artifact destruction if not also enchainment destruction. Dimir has kill creatures, kill planeswalkers, and bounce. You’re going to have to run some set of counterspells. You’re going to have to run Cyclonic Rift. Your deck is going to have to be a jerk and reactive.

    I’m pretty happy with my Dragonlord Silumgar decklist. I steal things, of course, but that’s as much tempo play or preying on planeswalkers as opposed to a requirement to win. I figure having someone Damnation to slow my early game Viscera Seer + Sword of the Animist beats means I’m doing something right. (No it didn’t slow me down, I think next turn I put the Sword on a Dimir Keyrune and hit him again)

    • Mark Mahler

      Me: looks at Runic Repetition. Re-reads Jeremy’s comment. Curses loudly at self, takes card out of deck. Vows once again to “read the f*#%ing card” before slotting it in a deck.

      Man, it’s a good thing people are here to check these things. That would have unintentionally hilarious – for my opponents – if I had tried to pull that off in a game.

  • Kinghonkey

    When Mark said he would got to Has-Con if he had absolutely _nothing_ to do in September, as a fellow teacher, I nearly spit up what I was drinking.

    As an English teacher talking about rhyming and poetry, Mark references motherf**kin’ Eminem, of all possible choices. Classic.

    I care not for MMOs , and the idea of a Magic film sounds god-awful. What’s next, Magic cereal; different flavors for each planeswalker with mana color marshmallows? Jace is blueberry? Damn it, Jace, even your cereal sounds boring.

    The card I actually used in Dralnu for the longest time as a win condition _was_ Mind Grind. Two or three castings were usually enough to seal the deal late game and take out whatever opponents were left. My deck wasn’t really mill centered, but wanted to build big mana counts and cast X spells like Profane Command and Stroke of Genius to take out opponents. I also thought of making him the head of a zombie deck that cast instants and sorceries that made zombies tokens like Rise from the Tide, Army of the Damned, Dark Salvation, Dread Summons and Clone Legion, but he’s just too darned fragile and I’m not that hipster yet.

    When I did play Dralnu, I found that I often didn’t need to use him, or it wouldn’t be safe to play him out. As much as I liked the deck, I’ve decided to move away from it several times.

    Also, Adam, I have to go with Mark on the Jade Monolith, but I have a soft spot for RKFs watercolors and impressionist style. I do like a lot of Anson Maddocks as well. Lim Dul’s Vault….I don’t know what’s going on in the art either. There’s books…definitely books, other than that, I got nothing, but I still strangely prefer it to the new artwork that actually features Lim Dul himself. It must be a nostalgia thing.

    • Mark Mahler

      I had you in mind when I mentioned the Sept. thing, Ward. I’m glad that I almost caused a spit take ;).

      I really can’t defend the Eminem thing, either, but your comment made me laugh. I should get at least a little credit for throwing a Dickens reference over the plate, right? Is “English teacher street cred” even a thing? If it was, something tells me it would probably involve tweed jackets with those little leather packets on the elbows.

      Thanks for the tip about Mind Grind, too. I’m definitely going to try that out. It’s certainly better than my plan A, which is “Bribery, cross fingers and hope for an Eldrazi.”

      This deck also gives me an excuse to finally play Temporal Extortion. As long as I’m probably going to come in second, I figure I might as well have some fun. I’m curious to see how much work Metallurgic Summonings does for me here, too. Five mana, get random X-something artifact tokens? Yes, please. Will it be any good? Who knows, but I’ll make a crap ton of tokens along the way and the Timmy in me will be happy.

      Lastly, the official “Art Score” for this episode appears to be tied 1-1 for Adam and I. Sadly, that’s as close to a win as I’ve ever come on any episode. Seriously, though: you prefer the old art on L-D’s Vault? It looks like somebody’s tunneling through a library. Now that I think of it, that’s strangely appropriate given the actual card mechanics, but how the hell is that a vault?

      I suppose you could toss the same criticism at the art, too, but at least in the new one he’s magically shuffling something and screaming at the same time. That has to count for something.

      • ggodo

        As the son of an English teacher, Dickens was never her favorite, but To Kill a Mockingbird was her go-to literary reference. I think her students might’ve appreciated Eminem more, but no one expects the English teacher to be hip.

        That said, Eminem is really good at what he does, and displays solid comprehension of rhythm and rhyme.

        I need to stick Metallic Summonings in my Mizzix deck. That needs something to do other than “Ramp to Fireball, kill everyone.” I thoight about trying to rock it in Modern, then Git Probe got banned and my hopes fell.

  • MuZyar

    You mentioned sacrifice
    outlets. Reins of Power and phasing are great, but true sacrifice
    outlets would be good too. Cards like Ashnod’s Alter would allow you to
    sacrifice Dalnu and remove him from the battlefield. In an emergency you could
    sacrifice your commander in response to him taking damage. It seems better to
    sacrifice a single commander instead of sacrificing multiple other permanents.

    • Mark Mahler

      MuZyar, it’s gotta be obvious by now that I am just not a smart person. My cover is blown.

      Your advice here is so on point that I literally just face-palmed myself as I read it. Indeed, why should I bother constructing this Rube Goldberg-esque Phasing routine when a simple sac outlet would be 100% more effective in every possible circumstance?

      Because I am tragically inept at this game, that’s why. Between this and the Runic Repetition fiasco above, it’s a wonder anybody even listens to me anymore.

      On the bright side, you gave me a good reason to go pick up another copy of Ashnod’s Altar. And dramatically improved the effectiveness of this deck, too. Thanks.