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 Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 288! We’re your weekly source for Community, Strategy, and Technology, hosted on and our homesite:! This week Mark and Adam are continuing to go over some of the recent spoiler cards for the upcoming coming set Hour of Devastation! Then we received a recent comment asking when is it time to put a deck out of its misery. After that we round up the show with something cute… and all you have to do is click the IB!!!


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CommanderCast Episode 288

Posted: June 26, 2017








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Per Jeremy’s comment on Ep 287:

  • When is my deck finished?
    • Short answer: when it’s a Commander ’95 deck 😉
    • Real answer: Artistic vs competitive
  • When should I shake things up?
  • When is it better to make a new deck instead of reworking the existing one?




New segment: Too Cute or Kind of Awesome?  


Are these card synergies/combos/interactions viable enough to include in your deck or are you just durdling around when you could actually be winning the game?





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  • Jeremy Parsons

    Good discussion on deck turnover. About the only thing missing was how much a deck ends up reflecting the primary block it’s built near. My Pheldagrif deck is distinctly Shards of Alara flavored. So is Reaper King. But my current Dragonlord Silumgar build is heavily influenced by Kaladesh in a way I’d never expect it to want to bend to if I was originally happy with the deck, and in a way I’d never expect it to be if I built it with a primary influx of Amonkhet cards.

    I rarely tear apart decks, though did take me a while to get my Dromoka the Eternal deck to reflect the online version. And Silumgar was a couple full rebuilds to hit its thesis “Dragonlord Silumgar and his toys, a fun deck.” But I don’t see any cards that I feel need to go into my Pheldagrif deck, and maybe some cards could go into Vorosh, but again figuring the hassle of what to add or cut is more trouble then just enjoying the deck as it is. I really do like how you guys stated a deck should have a thesis statement.

    Silumgar got a couple rebuilds. First build the core mechanic worked, but poor on win conditions and fun. Second rebuild made it stronger, more oppressive, and still poor on securing a win. Finally after listening to some Temur Tower and Mardu Vehicles in standard I went with U/B beatdown, and that finally gave it its win conditions, board presence, and fun. But it also means I rarely see anyone else with energy unless they have Demon of Dark Schemes themselves, or are plaing an actual Sram or Derpa deck. Kind of a cool deck flavor thing in and of itself.

    I am so looking to grab a Scarab God by hook or by crook. Replace Sire of Stagnation with a creature that’s in theme with Silumgar taking things and is also card advantadge in and of itself and graveyard hate. And this is with nearly ignoring the occasional life loss and scry of its first ability.

  • Jeremy Parsons

    Re: Uncage the Menagerie

    It’s a shame, but I’m glad it doesn’t drop it onto the battlefield. And while you can go higher, I feel like the sweet spot for this card is when X=3. But 4 and 5 are absolutely fine numbers though at 5 you might not hit full value either. So what can you hit for GG3? Well you can grab all at once: Eternal Witness, Reclamation Sage, and Tireless Tracker. For 4 mana I could grab in my Vorosh deck Simic Ezuri, Meren, Wickerbough Elder, and Sakashima the Imposter.

    I could even see Uncage the Menagerie for 2 in some decks because even that can grab combo pieces. For instance Devoted Druid and Vizier of Remedies.

  • Kinghonkey

    Sorry, been out of the loop for a while. Now that school’s out, I don’t have a designated podcast listening time, though I have been keeping up on the cast.

    Certain decks of mine are done because I can’t imagine a better way to build them to get what I wanted out of the deck. Sadly, they’re also the decks I probably play the least often because they’re tuned enough to almost guarantee me a victory if I’m paying attention to what I’m doing. That’s like maybe 5 decks out of the 30 I have, and i will take them out from time to time to remind myself why I love them and other players hate them. From time to time, I will find a new card from a new set to try and fit in and test to see if i like it. For instance, Neheb might find a home in Heartless Hidetsugu, but at five mana, maybe not. Treasonous Ogre is usually all I need in a deck that doesn’t care about my own life total..

    Other decks, I will build, rebuild, try a hot new legend or an unused one (in my playgroup). If I really like a build, but I want to try something new, I’ll often post the decklist on tapped out for my own memory and posterity.

    The two hardest color combinations that I almost continuously build new decks for is Jeskai or Grixis. I’m waiting on a general and deck style I like, maybe the new pirate admiral, who knows? I just can’t seem to find a play style and concept that continuously keeps me interested in those colors. Dimir too…it’s either too much control or too much derpy stuff that does nothing.

    I do like the new section that replaces Secret Tech. I used to find a lot of cool things on Commandercast that not everyone knew about. My addition to this is Arbiter of the Ideal and Mind Over Matter. I have never gotten this to work, I even included Ethereal Usher in the same deck to be able to transmute for whichever one I didn’t draw. If you’re playing heavy enough blue to play M.o.M., chances are you’ll have enough cards to be able to discard to tap then untap the sphinx. Maybe you’ll play with Mull Drifter type cards to add even more untap shenanigans when you have them enter the battlefield.

    Meh, too cute, but Mind Over Matter and Temple Bell is just cheesy. Just self mill with Mesmeric Orb and Basalt Monolith.

    • Jeremy Parsons

      I hear you on Dimir. Oh the problems coming up with a working concept for a fun Dragonlord Silumgar and his Toys deck. My Grixis deck is my dedicated control deck under Garza Zol, fun when I want to play as the Archenemy.

    • Mark Mahler

      I’m definitely trying out that Arbiter of the Ideal and Mind Over Matter combo (?) ASAP. I doubt I’ll have any more luck than you did, but it seems fun and derpy so it’s right up my alley.

      I’m still struggling with Dimir, too. I just put together a janky Nebuchadnezzar deck – because why not, right? – but win cons are still proving elusive. I pulled a Torment of Hailfire during the prerelease, so I slammed it into that deck to try it out. I’m crossing my fingers that it won’t turn out badly.

      The thing I like most about Dimir is its flexibility, but it seems to pay for that by trading in the power to close out games. I guess that’s what makes Sultai such a powerhouse, as Green shores up that weakness really well.