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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 300a! We’re your weekly source for Community, Strategy, and Technology, hosted on and our homesite:! This week we are getting nostalgic and all we have to say is thank you.


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CommanderCast Episode 300a

Posted: Monday, Nov. 6, 2017








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What’s your CommanderCast origin story?

  • How did you run across it? When did you first start listening?
  • When did you first become involved in the site/podcast?
  • What keeps you coming back? (It sure ain’t the pay…)




How has CommanderCast affected the way you play EDH over the years?



Favorite bits of Secret Tech that we’ve gotten from CommanderCast over years?


Adam – Koskun Falls, Time Elemental, Oubliette


Mark – Nature’s Will, Martyr’s Cause, City of Shadows


Rachael – Sunscorch Regent, Hide // Seek, Apostle’s Blessing, Phyrexian Reclamation




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Mark – Email: mahlerma(at)gmail(dot)com


Adam – (at)squire9999 // (at)thetrinisphere


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And a big thanks to everyone here at the CommanderCast Network. We’ll see you next week with more community, strategy, and technology. Until then, LET’S GET IT!

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  • Dan from C2C Commander

    Congrats on 300 guys!

  • Kinghonkey

    My tale begins many years ago with my birth on the high plains of Canada. A mutant with a healing factor that….

    Sorry, wrong origin story. My wife bought me an iPod for Christmas, and once I started doing yard work the following spring, I decided to find out what a podcast was to give myself something to listen to while I performed mindless tasks. I looked for a show about EDH, because it was a format my friends and I were getting into and enjoyed greatly. Commandercast was the first one that came up. It was the From the Vaults: Legends review show, so it must have been around 2011? Andy and the crew made me laugh with their brutal honesty about how much the product was pretty terrible and not worth buying. I listened to the backlog of shows and I have been a religiously regular listener since.

    I have been involved in the show tangentially. I offered altered card artwork as a donation to Commandercast’s Christmas charity, Child’s Play, and made two pieces for a lucky listener in England. I was also on an episode of Mark’s Deckbuilder spotlight along with Uncle Land drops, and I even did some altered artwork for him as well. Whenever you guys do the artwork show, I will definitely make space in my schedule to be on.

    Commandercast is still my favorite podcast after all these years because of the obvious love the creators have for the game that ties us all together. That’s something I have always admired about Magic. At this point, I’m 41 and I’ve been playing Magic for 23 years of my life. It’s become part of who I am as a person, and that doesn’t bother me nearly as much as it should.

    A sincere “Thank You” to Mark, Adam, Calvin, Rachel and everyone who has helped the show get to this point.

    • Eshed

      I really enjoyed that episode of Deckbuilder’s Spotlight, and I love the Surrak deck. Thanks for that, you two did great.

      • Kinghonkey

        Thanks, I had a lot of fun doing it. Mark was as funny and laid back as he sounds on air.

  • GUDoug

    Damn 300 ep!

    origin story:
    Started listening mid season 1 or mid season 2, thinking it was a new episode of Summon Elder Dragon Podcast which was an even older EDH podcast w/ 3 episodes that featured Bennie Smith. Turns out it wasn’t what I thought but stuck around because it was the best. I almost immediately started emailing the podcast commenting on things and Andy was always so good at responding (maybe not the reply but always the initial email) so I felt pretty special even though I think he was making a point of responding to every person. Eventually I was getting a lot of mentions on the cast, some of my stuff was linked on the Friday flashback, and several of my ideas were being used as topics on the cast. Andy wanted me on the show but my computer was garbage at the time and he also kept pressing me to write (cause he wanted content to post but I like to think he thought I was special ((again he was probably telling this to a lot of people))). He also hit me up for some artwork for banner because he wanted to switch banners periodically. After several months on a whim I made the Stained Glass Patron Saints of Commandercast Banner that is still on the site today (I guess I was the only one who made a banner). Eventually I wrote a guest article, then started the Journey to Nowhere series as a regular every other week column and started running the facebook page making most of the posts. Then at some point I got a new computer and made a few appearances on the podcast and each time I was 1 day removed to being deathly ill and felt completely out of it and not on my game. I remember hounding Andy on why the schedule was not updated over and over so I could plan when I needed to get things done cause my 2nd kid was on the way soon and I wasn’t sure if I had the time. Finally he told me he was leaving and I think at that point I was one of the few people in the know for a few weeks until the rest of the contributors to the site were informed.
    After Andy left I stayed on behind the scenes running the facebook page but quit writing because of time and burn out. Also the cast was recorded at a time that didn’t match with my availability so I was never on it again. After a while I made the webcomic Dusters and posted that on the site for almost a year and eventually got way too into Hearthstone and retired from both making the comic and the facebook posts. It was also around this time as well that I was on Mark’s Deckbuilder’s Spotlight.

    • GUDoug

      FYI my Secret Tech is not on the list:

      Commons: Soldevi Adnate, Brine Shaman, Whirlpool Rider
      Uncommons: Mercadia’s Downfall, Kyren Negotiations, Martyr’s Cause
      Rares: Thelonite Monk, Mindless Automaton, Jar of Eyeballs

      I think the segment had been retired for a while but Andy Dusted it off on my 1st podcast appearance.

  • Anonymous

    i was introduced to EDH as a whole shortly after i started playing magic in 2010. a roommate claimed it could be a more immersive way to role play while playing the game. I was hooked.

    but when it comes to the cast, i was steered toward it by google, around 2012, while searching for a ruling on casting a commander with dream halls. I had never thought about podcasts being anything more than news shows for those of us that live at poor hours for quality radio.

    its been great, still the best EDH cast out there. “all the content, none of the shilling for Wizards.”

    as for secret tech… Aftershock and Mercadia’s Downfall were some of the most influential pieces of tech i ever came across.

  • Eshed

    I think it’s fair to say I play this format because of CommanderCast. I don’t recall what year I started listening. I searched for “Magic The Gathering podcasts,” and found CommanderCast. I didn’t even play EDH, but I still listened to the first episode, and every episode since. Now I play EDH. =)

    • Eshed

      One of the things I enjoyed most was the Entourage segments! As a new player to the format, hearing experienced players build up a deck for Ib Halfheart or Braids, Conjurer Adept was a great boon, and very entertaining to boot. Likewise, the Community segments were important to me, because it was a window into the format I had no experience with.