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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 301! We’re your weekly source for Community, Strategy, and Technology, hosted on and our homesite:! This week Mark and Adam are going over flanking. So watch your left, your right, and hell check your rear as they come for you!

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CommanderCast Episode 301

Posted: Monday, Nov. 20, 2017








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702.24a Flanking is a triggered ability that triggers during the declare blockers step. (See rule 509, “Declare Blockers Step.”) “Flanking” means “Whenever this creature becomes blocked by a creature without flanking, the blocking creature gets -1/-1 until end of turn.”

702.24b If a creature has multiple instances of flanking, each triggers separately.








Control blocking




Direct damage/control






Adam – Wheel of fortune, Soul of theros, Return to the ranks


Mark – Grappling Hook, Seize the Day, Rite of Passage




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  • Dadsquatch

    Not seeing this on any format, mp3 player, phone or PC.

  • Mark Mahler

    I’m sorry for the delay/ technical issues with the audio, folks. We’re working on it on our end and hope to have it up soon.

    Thanks for your patience. With any luck, it’ll be up later on tonight.

  • Jeremy Parsons

    Flanking seems much like Bushido or even Exert. A nice limited effect, but hard to have impact in a format like EDH where combat is so much huge attacker vs big rump defender or a chump blocker. And where your creature is more often just removed if its an issue. That Flanking is a minor tweak and only when attacking, puts such limits on it.

    Banding seems like it would have more of an effect, especially on defense, since it lets you routinely subvert how damage, especially trample damage would be assigned over defenders.

    If we do play a creature with flanking, then its more likely because of what else the creature does. Though all those Time Spiral knights with flanking, and that’s how you see Flanking in a modern set, are spiffy for having both flanking, being knights, and calling back to so many other creatures.

    Now the en-Kor that redirect damage, I built a 60-card R/W deck around them. Called my Magnifying Deck, the goal was a handful of en-Kor, a Mogg Maniac, and then an earthquake for 5. Now with Spitemare, Boros Reckoner, and Stuffy Doll, there’s options for redirect targets, and I’ve heard occasionally of ‘Stop Hitting Yourself’ type decks.

  • BeltFedWeapon

    Mark, you are spot-on with the Mesmeric Orb observation. I’ve got a zombie, self-mill Balthor The Defiled deck. Mesmeric Orb stocks my graveyard and severely stokes my opponents’ collective angst when they see their goodies in their graveyard. I send them absolutely over the edge when Agent of Erebos single-handedly and repeatedly exiles their graveyards.

  • Dadsquatch

    I feel like this was the Freaky Friday mind swap episode of Commandercast. Adam dutifully pulling for the sub-par mechanic and Mark shooting down all of the choices. Mark? Hello? You _love_ hot garbage cards and mechanics! You are the guy who wanted to make the tribal Cephalids deck, for crying out loud! It feels like flanking cut you deep in the past and you never learned to forgive. Show us on the Stuffy Doll where flanking touched you.

    You mentioned the whole redirecting damage deck. It just so happens I have made that deck. I make too many decks, guys. I really do
    It is currently my Naya deck and it benefits from my creatures taking damage. It plays some of the new dinosaurs with Enrage and things like Hornet’s Nest and secret tech like Saber Ants and Bellowing Aegisaur. It also has the sub theme of massive damage to creatures while making mine indestructible or regenerate to reap profits.

    Speaking of redirecting damage, the saddest I ever was to activate Heartless Hidetsugu was immediately before an opponent played Deflecting Palm.

    I always thought Blazing Commando would make a great Pauper EDH general.

    That said, it was an impressive hour-and-a-half of trying to make the silkiest purse out of the sow’s ear.

    • Eshed

      I noticed the change, too. Hey, I’m definitely going to have to look over that list. I’ve been trying to build something like that as a shell for Druid’s Call, and Earthquake/Hurricane. Incidentally, I actually have built Blaze Commando pauper edh. I built 4 of those decks as an exercise after listening to the Pauper episode of CommanderCast. Also Naya Battlemage, Viashino Slaughtermaster, and Windwright Mage.