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Is anyone there? Damn it’s dusty in here. Can you hear me? Hello? *Blows dust off microphone*. Hi, it’s time for another episode of Rival’s Duel. In the most exciting news, we are not dead! We had some personal life stuff get in the way (more on that inside this episode) but we are back and there is a bunch of stuff to talk about. Amonket has been released and we are ready to get our hands on it. What do we think of this new set? You’ll have to listen and find out!






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  • Jeremy Parsons

    Not sure what I think about a lot of cards, really not looked over the lists and prerelease wasn’t that exciting. I may just pick up more stray Kaladesh packs to play the Masterpiece lottery.

    Though after the podcast was musing if any gods would fit my Dragon Silumgar beatdown deck. For the moment trying Kefnet in the Mulldrifter slot unless something else catches my eye. The deck already runs Scrapheap Brawler and Fathom Feeder, so another resilient body that can crew vehicles and draw cards for mana with the odd chance to actually hit hard seems worth trying. Mulldrifter may return, as its just good, but I’ll see how this plays out. If anything give me a break from Mulldrifter being the boring old same old.

  • theshavenwookie

    I agree that the God’s are boring, almost cut and paste versions of the Theros ones. I couldn’t disagree more about the gold legends in this set, all of them open up new archetypes and design space in their color combinations that didn’t exist before.

    Blue white has had a reasonable amount of token making clone cards recently and white has made tokens forever so giving u/w players an aggressively costed white blue lord that dodges commander tax to some extent is very interesting.

    Hapatra is great and way more powerful then she seems. The snakes are easy to get going and create a wall that’s impossible for fair creature decks to deal with. She also price spiked a bunch of old cards due to her popularity in the format.

    Neheb is more of a griefer hand disruption Commander then minotaur general.

    Samut seems like the low hanging fruit Commander. Simple straight forward and powerful but really uninteresting. The flash exists on her so that you can flash her into play after a rotation of the table and Dodge most wrath effects, then go on an all out offensive.