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Old Man Fred’s General Disclaimer: Your mileage may vary. What I’m about to say, while written to be as broad as possible, is not applicable to every person in every play group everywhere. If some guy in your play group uses Argothian Pixies in every deck, and that somehow makes what I’m about to say totally wrong, you’ve been warned.

Antiquities was the second ever Magic expansion. It came out in March of 1994 and was the first Magic expansion to have a mechanical theme, and by that I mean it was the original “artifact set.”

(You damn kids and your Mirrodin…)

It’s also the origin of the Brother’s War thing. See, kids, flavor used to be a more subtle background thing before they began like five year story arcs.

(Side note: My only complaint with Invasion Block is how deep it was into that damn Weatherlight story.) Read the rest of this entry »