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Bruce represents one-third of the Muse Vessel’s collective power. You can hear his fatherly voice on S2E11. Over on the Vessel, Bruce’s expertise is anything casual and multiplayer, with a huge depth of knowledge and experience around traditional 60×4 multiplayer games. You can find his complete works compiled here.

Commandercast’s loyal listeners/readers are, by and large, all experienced EDH players.  All of you have a playgroup or two (or more!) that you get together with on a regular basis to get your fix of Commander.  Some of you have probably ventured into the wild world of online Commander.  You are the established players who have played long enough to know your local metagame and have a pretty good idea what to do about it.

I am not you.  I have played Commander, but only in a very limited environment, and not many games.  While I keep meaning to build more decks, I still have only one deck, and to be honest, playing Sedris isn’t all that interesting right now.  I am still a new Commander player.

As a new Commander player, I have a unique position with all of you, in that I still remember what a daunting task Commander can be.  It is from that point of view that I present the Top 10 Things that Frighten New Commander Players. Read the rest of this entry »