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Guest Article by Matt Rob


Hello, Castlings!


I’m writing today about Horde Magic, an Archenemy-style variant of Commander. Horde Magic is rad, because it lets you play co-op instead of the usual melee of Commander, and does so against a flavorful and powerful opponent. For those totally unfamiliar with Horde Magic, there are many resources available1. For those familiar but foggy, here is a crash course.

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By Matt Rob


With the best holiday coming up in a few days, I wanted to talk about a new theme for a Horde deck. This one is especially timely and especially flavorful (and, for what it’s worth, this is also probably the easiest Horde to assemble).


So much of fantasy is built on the Tolkien-esque binary of good vs. evil. As most folks try to be good people in their own lives, we naturally identify with and root for the good guys in a story. After all, which is more appealing: aligning yourself with the besieged, shiny people in cool white robes, staves, and bright swords, or with the mud-covered, genocidal monsters? That the good guys’ goal is also technically extermination of an entire race is a discussion for another day (ain’t nobody pushing for treaties outside of Zelazny, in other words).


That tendency to ally yourself with the good guys can be a red herring. Consider I Am Legend, Hyperion, A Canticle for Leibowitz: as spectators, we are only given what the author wants us to see, and our brains make assumptions to fill in the gaps. We are blinkered by our experiences: the protagonist of I Am Legend is fighting evil vampires until he realizes that he’s killing people just trying to overcome an illness; the Shrike is a symbol of evil and destruction until it’s revealed to be integral to humanity’s renaissance; raiding parties and a fiefdom in the Great Plains aren’t just bandits pillaging, but the vestiges of new civilization.


And with this in mind, I present today’s horde: humans and angels.

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