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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 348! This week Mark and Adam have a little bit of a mixed bag for you. Let’s start off with a quick discussion on some Banned cards and where the guys feel some of them sit. Should they be playable or do they earn the spot they have? After that, the guys go over a few of the cards that break the singleton part of our format by having a little bit of extra text on them that allows them to have no limits and a few deck that might help take advantage of that. Then we wrap things up with a few cards you might want to pick up soon because the prices for them are kinda low.

So lets stop waiting and Click the IB!!!


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by Judson AKA GUDoug



This week’s Dusters is called “the Banned List Update.”    I had not intended to have another appearance by the Commander Commander so soon, and especially not in back to back webcomic strips, but the announcement of the Banned List simplification and unbannings screamed for his inclusion.  I was actually working on completely different Dusters at the time when the announcement happened and that one has now been pushed back a week or two (woohoo another weeks worth of content).  As always I hope you enjoy this week’s Dusters and feel free to follow on Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter if you so choose.

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By Imshan AKA Sinis

One of the cards that turned some heads when M13 was spoiled was Worldfire.  The reaction from the internet community was understandable in a lot of ways.  Commander players often think that if a card costs more than six mana, it’s a “big n’ splashy” meant for Commander, rather than for Standard, and definitely not intended for use in Legacy, Modern or Limited.  Setting that conceit aside, the community reaction to Worldfire was largely negative, and playing it was predicted to be another acrimonious thing to do in Commander.

Worldfire received more official attention as well.  Before the official Commander forums went down – ironically, in fire of its own at the site’s hosting facilities – the Rules Committee stated that they had no intention of banning Worldfire pre-emptively, and that they intended to ‘watch it closely’.  Mostly this means two things: firstly, it is widely accepted that it has the potential to be unfun, and second, if you follow the letter of the Rules Committee ban list, it’s totally legit to burn the world down. Read the rest of this entry »

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Okay….I’m back. I know I bugged out last week, but my screen seems to have stabilized AND I just bought a new external hard drive to back everything up. I’ve taken to leaving my laptop on with a fan on it at all times. I figure the less I jostle the screen, the less chance it has to start acting up. Here’s hoping. Wait…Griselbrand got banned?


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