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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 317! I messed up last… and by that I mean Calvin, The editor of the show… because I edited episode 318 without realizing that I still have episode 317 to post… BUT… today you’re getting episode 317 and next last week you got 318… but if 317 comes out today after 318 that kind of makes this 318 and that would mean 318 is actually 317… I…I think that’s about right…. anyway Mark and Adam discuss Onslaught and Fifth Dawn today. Plus there’s some talk about Combo and Brawl.


So if that gets you pumped all you have to do is click the IB!!!


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This episode, the Trinisphere discusses the implications of Wizards’ new format and the future of EDH.

Are you excited for Brawl? Post in the comments and let us know you thoughts on Brawl and any Brawl decklists that you’d like to see us play.

The Trinisphere: Where Timmy, Johnny, and Spike battle over all things EDH.

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