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By Sean aka SwordsToPlow

You can’t have a marriage with just one person.  Building a lasting relationship is like creating a strong structure or making a successful Commander deck.  If you really want to build something that lasts, it needs to be built on a solid foundation.  Collaborate with your friends and you can build your Commander deck into a monument to your love of Magic.  There are a variety of different tools on the web available. You can use these tools to collaborate, design, and improve decks. 

Someday there may be a tool that combines all of these aspects into one convenient location. There many tools out there. Finding the ones that work for you can be a daunting task.  Have no fear.  I will show you which tools I like to use with my friends. I use these tools to guarantee I get to have as much fun as possible before I start buying and trading for cards.

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Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
This week, it’s a triple feature for Sharpie Sunday, so we have two winners and one Giant Shark. I’ll explain each card’s process, since it’s exhaustive, and show you what you can do with a simple sharpie to spice up your cards.

First up, a Giant Shark. I’m starting to worry I’m going to run out of them. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Giant Shark madness is unending as GIANTSHARKGATE continues to unfold! Someday we’ll have a documentary made up on this shadowy cabal of conspirators who are sending me a seemingly-unending torrent of the most powerful and sought-after card in MtG history. But for now, you’re stuck with my shitty camcorder work and Twitter account. For those uninvolved, get your ass over to Twitter posthaste and scope this shit. It’s getting out of control.

Beyond the Giant Sharks, other stuff happened this week but I’m having a hard time remembering it though this haze of blood in the water. There was a podcast or something… then some articles… a theme month of some kind. I can’t remember, really. Uh… these are things you should look at:

  1. Season 5 Contest II
  2. CommanderCast YouTube Portal
  3. CommanderCast Facebook page



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“Will I get drunk if I play Commander?” – Mathieu Laforce
Only if you are playing it right.” – SwordsToPlow

Drinking and Commander have been together ever since I can remember.  Honestly that really isn’t very long.  The doctors said it had something to do with “over-drinking.” That is like saying I had too much fun.  You can ask Daryle Singletary about if that’s even a thing.  On any given Saturday, this means sipping on the occasional beverage while you play, having a few to help with your creativity in deck design, chugging down a beverage in between games, having a swig from a flask to calm nerves for a PTQ, or having a nice breakfast bourbon in the morning while you podcast about Commander.  All of these are perfectly acceptable ways of enhancing your drinking experience with Magic. Read the rest of this entry »

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This week on CommanderCast Andy is BRINGING THE INFORMATIONS with Adam and Donovan. Providing us with fierce backup we have Bennie Smith, who started writing about Magic like a week before the Big Bang or something. This week he has decided to grace our podcast with his presence. To investigate Bennie’s body of work, one need go no further than, where his long history of authorship is chronicled (they’re still translating some of the stuff he wrote on animal skins with his own blood… this is metal). He is the best advocate for Commander as a format on one of Magic’s biggest websites, and that’s a pretty big deal.
Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.