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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 308! We’re your weekly source for Community, Strategy, and Technology, hosted on and our homesite:! This week Mark and Adam are feeling the love and want to share it with you! So prepare yourself for the biggest hug you’ve ever had as we talk about Group Hug! Hope your body is ready because you’re about to get hugged so hard someone might just call CPS.


So spread those arms and click the IB!!!


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Grandpa (Eric)

By Eric, AKA Grandpa Growth


Matchups are incredibly important in 1-v-1 Commander. The nature of specific decklists, and even minute changes in card selection, can dramatically change the texture of a Commander matchup. A lack of familiarity with the finer points can lead to preventable losses. In the world of casual multiplayer, Commander matchups receive much less attention, but are still just as important in determining the outcome of a game.

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378127_10150441621792624_1477312954_nI was leaning back in my chair with my eyes closed, relaxing in my cramped (but cozy) office at Vexing Devil and Associates. I knew I had a guest when I heard the creaking on my hardwood floors, but I didn’t bother rearranging myself. Only one person in the building walks into my office without knocking.

He never knocks. It might be a lack of manners, or maybe knocking just isn’t a thing on Innistrad.

“Eric, good job on the Zur case.” Vexing Devil congratulated me. “Defending the players instead of the cards was a stroke of genius.”

“I’m adaptable.” I responded cooly. I opened my eyes but continued to lean back in my chair. I figured the relaxed posture would go nicely with the smug smile on my face. “And Stroke of Genius is blue, I don’t play that colour anymore.”

He smirked at my joke. In hindsight, maybe he was just pausing to enjoy what he was about to do to me. “Yes. Adaptable. It’s for that very quality that I’m bringing this case to you.” He produced a thick, bound folder seemingly out of thin air and slid it across my worn wooden desk.

“Who’s the client this time? ” I asked confidently as I picked up the folder and flipped it open. “Are we tackling the Hexproof case ye-“

I froze, and did my best not to burst right in front of the head of the firm. I had only been working cases for them for a few weeks, and he could turn around and fire me in a heartbeat if I accidentally offended him.

I lasted maybe three seconds.


Hahahahaha... Wait, you're serious?

Hahahahaha… Wait, you’re serious?

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