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Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 354! We are your weekly source for community, strategy, and technology hosted each and every week on! On this  week’s episode Mark and Adam have been recently talking about what they would expect in a starter bundle for Commander. Basically, a product with cards you would expect to see in any given deck of its color without feeling like you’re playing jank. But first, a quick community segment with a feel good moment for those of us with friends or family in the armed forces.

So lets stop waiting and Click the IB!!!


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By Imshan AKA Sinis

(Editor’s Note: I know a lot of you are expecting an article from Gibson Haynes AKA KaipaLin, but we haven’t got it for you.  We’re not sure what happened.  Please enjoy this article by yours truly, instead.)

When Magic 2013 came out, I wasn’t terribly excited, except for a few cards.  If the reported draft attendance at my local game store was any indication, no one else was excited either.  The only cards that caught my eye were Void Stalker, Omniscience, Ranger’s Path, and Odric, Master Tactician.  When I saw Odric, I knew he had real potential; in one run-on sentence, Odric gave players with a handful of creatures real options in combat.

Last week, I ran through a typical Mono White Control list with Akroma, Angel of Wrath at the helm.  The list – which admittedly has its holes, as one commenter pointed out – is of a very traditional variety.  Last week’s deck tries to gain a leg up through Wrath of God effects and ‘rules’ cards, which prevent opponents from taking certain actions until it can play Akroma and dish out the punishment.  This week, Odric, Master Tactician will take the helm in an aggressive control build.  This deck will certainly not be like Akroma’s. Read the rest of this entry »

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By Imshan AKA Sinis

When Avacyn Restored came out, I ventured out into the world of playing EDH at local game stores I was unfamiliar with. Reliably, when discussing colour strengths, Red would be cited as the weakest. While Red is commonly seen as the worst of the mono-colour choices available, I believe white the weakest, for the sheer difficulty it faces drawing cards.  Red at least has a handful of Wheel of Fortune effects that can be relied upon to rejuvenate retrenched casters. White, for all its versatility in removal and other features, lacks steady and reasonable card draw, except from artifacts.

This week, I’m going to go over a mono-white deck. Moreover, it’s going to be a control deck, which are best known among the three pure archetypes – aggro, combo, and control – for the need to gain card advantage over their opponents.  Next week, I’ll write about a different kind of mono-white control deck that uses unorthodox tricks to gain card advantage and maintain control.  Will these decks win every game? Probably not, but they will run across opponent’s expectations and will surprise your friends.  So, what’s a mono-white player to do? Read on. Read the rest of this entry »