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The trinisphere

Show – Thetrinisphere
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  • Kinghonkey

    I was listening to the descriptions starting with Adam and thought to myself “Oh, I’m a Johnny.” Then, as it went on, I thought “Wait, maybe I’m a Timmy”. I’m very all-in and looking for those overwhelming displays of force, but I do make decks as a means of personal expression and so long as my deck does what it’s supposed to do, I don’t feel bad about losing. And yet, my decks tend to be pretty well designed and I win quite often. One of my criteria for taking a deck apart is it wins _too much_, which seems odd, or if it usually wins in the same way, and I abhor infinite anything in Magic, so much so that it colors my play group as well.

    I think I lie somewhere firmly ensconced between these first two psychographic profiles. While I do utilize tutors whenever I can, I would never say I’m a Spike, more-so it’s me searching for a missing key to a combo or huge interaction. Also, even if a card is good, I will purposely not play it sometimes because it’s been done to death, or I have had negative connotations associated with the card and certain players. In my play group, the Spike players tend to get curb stomped by the rest of the players if they’re trying to play permission, or if they try to utilize a well-known interaction to the point of predictability

    Thanks for putting this out there, I enjoyed listening to it.