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Welcome to CommanderCast’s 100th episode!

Two years after some humble beginnings, we’ve reached this point. The audioscape adventure across the once-wild frontier of EDH has rumbled through all kinds of strange and exotic territories now, picking up and dropping off co-hosts, guests, and contributors as it’s moved. I’d like to think in it’s wake, the virtual caravan has left everyone changed in some way for the positive–more enlightened, more social, better at the game, but above all else entertained and informed.

For this special episode, I’ve assembled CommanderCast’s Centurions: a legion of guests and co-hosts from across the history of the show who have answered the call specifically for this feature. Together, twenty different voices will attack a broad range of subjects. There’s something for everyone in these nine topics, with as many viewpoints as I could squeeze in recording them over almost three months. I hope to take EDH players everywhere into 2013 with a really unique experience. It’s a long one, and there’s a lot in the show notes, so you might want to just sit back and enjoy this one to the fullest with this page at the ready for links and such. Also, there’s lots of ways to get in touch with the various people you’re hearing here. Don’t hesitate to do so to further the discussion.

Thanks to everyone who helped out with the recording and production of the show! I know some of the times were a bit of a hassle so I appreciate all the Centurions putting in a little extra effort to be true Gs and make it to the recordings.

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.





02:26 to 16:26: Merging Playgroups: Sean has recently come into a new playgroup situation where two groups with different gaming ideals has met up, and Sean’s decided to try and merge them together successfully. How do you handle this issue? There’s a lot of factors: intensity of play, monetary investment, and player experience can all put players in different camps. How can you try and make sure everyone has a good game?

Your Hosts:
Cassidy: E-Mail: csilver85(at)gmail(dot)com // Twitter: (at)writerofwrong // Web: archive
Jeremiah: Twitter: (at)hundredcardhero
E-Mail: swordstoplow(at)gmail(dot)com // Twitter: (at)swordstoplow // Web: Serious Tryhard Podcast


16:42 to 34:45: Cardboard Kings: We did this once and we’re going back to the well to discuss the types of personalities that enhance Commander groups around the world.These are the players who are pillars of your local community and facilitate or enrich your gaming experience–the anti-Doucheology.

  • Chauffer: The one with a license, a vehicle, and the willingness to cart you broke-ass people around to game nights.
  • Donator: Some people have a lot of cards and can’t give them away quickly enough.
  • Jolly Judge/Non-Asshole Judge: Having somebody around who actually knows how to play the game is a huge perk.
  • Imperial Recruiter: It’s your man who’s hustling all those suckers playing boring formats into playing this ridiculous one and growing your group.
  • Wide-Eyed Newb: These are the ones being hustled by the Recruiter and rubbing their enthusiasm off onto you.
  • Zoltar: It’s your man who can teach everyone about sick obscure cards and help guide their deckbuilding. Dope ass mustache optional, but preferred.

Your Hosts:
William: E-Mail: wiehernandez(at)gmail(dot)com // Twitter: (at)blueram1409 // Web: Savor That Commander Flavor
Andrew: Twitter: (at)a_magrini


35:00 to 55:38: Does Wizards ‘Get It’?: In this topic Shoe wants to talk about whether when WotC is designing cards with Commander in mind if they’re ‘getting’ what we want. Are these new cards and Commanders too cookie-cutter, and are they killing a lot of the format’s appeal? What do EDH players really want, anyway?

Your Hosts:
Shoe: E-Mail: shoe_wooberg(at)snobbywalrus(dot)com // Twitter: (at)shoe_wooberg// Web:
Calvin: E-Mail: captainredzone(at)gmail(dot)com // Twitter: (at)captainredzone // Web: Off Color Cast
 Twitter: (at)jayboosh // Web: The Eh Team



55:49 to 1:13:27: Deck Roundup: ISBPathfinder’s Jenara, Asura of War Deck: Buckle up as my man Brian brings the informations regarding his Jenara, Asura of War deck. Brian has been refining this deck for a long time with the help of many others. For maximum value from this segment, you want to be simul-scoping this exhaustive primer Brian has on the deck while listening to the podcast.

  • Why choose Jenara?: Independent function, mana dump, blank slate for various uses, low cost
  • Enters-the-Battlefield triggers: Provide immediate value and answers and the ability to chip away at people’s life totals
  • What’s the Commander Do?: Use Jenara to apply pressure early in the game and let her absorb spot removal
  • Who Should Build This?: If you don’t want to combo but you want to control the pace of the game, this is the deck for you

Your Host:
Brian: Contact via MTGS forums, username ‘ISBPathfinder’


It’s not EXACTLY what Eric means… OR IS IT

1:13:43 to 1:30:05: Engines: “Continuous actions + proportional mana = value engine” aka SCIENCE. What else is there to say? In this segment, Eric takes the helm as we discuss building good decks for singleton decks. Most engines in traditional Magic decks rely on redundancy to make efficient engines. In Highlander, we don’t get that luxury. How do you compensate and make things work?

  • The definition of an engine: “Something that won’t win the game for you by itself…” or “A chain reaction that makes the components more effective individually”. “Combos can be engines, but engines are not combos.”
  • Qualities of a good engine: Resiliency, effect to mana investment, multiple pieces, redundancy
  • How to build engines: Look for multiple-use components, use tutors, have ways to protect them
  • Beating Engines: Kill the player, convince other people to do it, destroy the root of the resources and not the resources
  • Example Engines:

Your Hosts:
Eric: E-Mail: eric(at)pucatrade(dot)com // Twitter: (at)pucatrade// Web: PucaTrade
Jud: E-Mail: judsonjg(at)yahoo(dot)com // Twitter: (at)gudoug // Web: Journey to Nowhere


1:30:23 to 1:48:00: Commander Profile: Ruhan of the Fomori: It’s one of the dumbest beaters in a while. So dumb he doesn’t even know where he’s going to attack. It’s a 7/7 for four mana. RUHAN OF THE FOMORI is in the spotlight for this segment and expert Dave is ready to drop jewels all over the place. We discuss all of the bullet points below, AND MORE.

  • Ways to play Ruhan:
    • Fast aggro
    • LD-backed voltron
    • The control-deck closer
  • Ways to argument Ruhan:
    • Dat equipment
    • Dem auras
    • Dose spellz
  • How to improve Ruhan’s survivability:
    • New Toys: Lightning Greaves, Sword of Feast and Famine and so on all help Ruhan do his thug thizzle.
    • Patience: You don’t need to play Ruhan immediately all the time. Feel free to hold him back until the late game and unleash him.

Your Hosts:
Christian: E-Mail: theamazingchris(at)gmail(dot)com // Twitter: (at)christianrenoe // Web: Off Color Cast
Dave: Twitter: (at)derfington // Web: Durdling Around



Sometimes I just don’t get this game.

1:48:13 to 2:07:46: Keeping Options Open: Last time Neale was on the show he talked about having consistent decks by replicating options on your cards. This time, we’re going to discuss keeping your options wide open with modal cards. The Lorwyn Commands, the Planeswalkers, and the Charms are all great examples of cards that with a single card provide you with a great deal of flexibility. In this segment we discuss not only the value of these incredibly flexible cards, but some specific ones we like.

Your Host:
Neale: E-Mail: wrongwaygoback(at)gmail(dot)com // Twitter: (at)wrongwaygoback // Web: Wrongwaygoback blog network


2:08:00 to 2:29:51: Entou-RAGE: Adamaro, First to Desire: In this segment, Angry Graybeard returns to drop some wisdom of the ancients on myself and Sean McKeown with an Entou-RAGE for Adamaro, First to Desire. An unusual red guy with potentially huge power and toughness for a low mana costs, he’s balanced out by his dependency on your opponent having a full hand.


Fortunately, in this segment we discuss how to keep the haters out and blaze up your opponents in a fireball of mono-red excellence with another Entourage. But this is no regular Entourage… this is an ENTOU-RAGE.

Your Hosts:
Sean: E-Mail: s_mckeown(at)gmail(dot)com
Angry Graybeard: E-Mail: angrygraybeard(at)gmail(dot)com // Web: I Remember Banding


2:30:03 to 2:52:25: Origin Secret Tech: Listener Zane hit me up with an email while we were chillin playin a dice game in the stairwell when he was like “heyo what is your fav cards from the set you started in bros?”

It’s Origin Secret Tech! We respond to Zane’s topic idea with FULL STRENGTH, with each of us providing two cards from our first set that we think are underplayed in EDH.

Your Hosts:
Rick: E-Mail: polishtamales(at)gmail(dot)com // Twitter: (at)polishtamales // Web: The Official Tumblr of PolishTamales
Carlos: E-Mail: cag5383(at)gmail(dot)com // Twitter: (at)cag5383
Karston: Twitter: (at)topandgo// Web: Top and Go Productions


2:52:35 to END: Outtro: Thanks for listening!

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