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By Rachael


By the power of Grey Skull, she has the POWERRRRR!!!


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IN: Warrior Angel, Soltari Champion, Wall of Essence, Sword of the Chosen, Divine Transformation, Scape Goat

Sword of the Chosen is the most exciting add here. The ability to pump up Avacyn without getting 2-for-1’d feels pretty good. It feels even better to shave off 2 turns worth of attacks to make Avacyn lethal. Divine Transformation is back to help Avacyn’s pushing power. Wall of Essence is a pet card of mine, and one I’d like to see stick around at that.

OUT: Sunweb, Mistmoon Griffin, Oracle En-Vec, Divine Offering, Serene Offering, Hand of Justice

Maybe it’s just because we keep running just shy of 20 creatures, but Hand of Justice has just been a disappointment. We never have enough creatures to use his ability and ends up costing too much to set up when we need him.

Next time: Portal 2’nd Age will show one of the rare instances of cards using guns.

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