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By Rachael


In which Avacyn finally starts to realize her potential.

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Deck List 



Serra Advocate, Replenish, Thran Dynamo, Flicker, Academy Rector, False Prophet

We receive reinforcments for Avacyn in the form of Serra Advocate, who will assist her in pushing that damage. Replenish and Academy Rector are both very important for getting those auras we need to get our game plan rolling.


Elite ArchersSoul SculptorCongregateSteam CatapultKismetOpal Titan

These aren’t necessarily bad cards. They either just didn’t work out for us, or they don’t fit our scheme. These are the kinds of cards we’ll need to keep pulling out as we go on. 

As a viewer put it, Avacyn really is “hitting her stride” and these games make that self evident. We finally have a clear image of our game plan, and we have a better understanding of what our cards need to do in order to help us with that game plan.

Next time, we’ll be unwrapping Mercadian Masques. While the block itself has a reputation for being incredibly under powered, not just from following Urza block but in general, there are a plethora of new cards and tech options that I’m excited to try out. 

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