A Message From Andy

December 30, 2011

Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
Hello CommanderCast audience. You are no doubt at least somewhat familiar with me if you have been paying attention to CommanderCast at all in the last year, whether you’re an old hand or new to the fold. Today I bring a super-important message to you. Thanks for joining me.

This whole CommanderCast affair has been a bit of a wild ride. Starting as a weekend project literally done on a whim, today I am lucky enough to run a sort of bizarre volunteer organization dedicated to a narrow subdivision of a fantasy trading card game that we all presumably enjoy very much in our spare time. We like it enough, in fact, to spend even more of our free time TALKING about this hobby in podcasts, articles, and videos. While I’m not sure the Internet Archeologists of the future will consider this especially noble or interesting, I think it’s been pretty awesome nonetheless. This enterprise would have flamed out a long time ago if I didn’t have such an interactive audience who often blur or outright obliterate the line between ‘consumers’ and ‘contributors’. Without everyone who e-mails, Tweets, and comments, CommanderCast would just be me screaming into the internet and I do think that’s probably a clinical sign of insanity.

The last season also gave a a genuine source of pride as myself, the CommanderCast staff, and the audience converged to convert our passion for a CCG into a tangible benefit for those in need through the Gifts Given Charity Drive. I can’t think of a better charity that Child’s Play and gauging from the incredible response both of donated material and monies spent in the auctions, neither can all of you. This is definitely CommanderCast’s finest hour and like everything else on the site, it’s only worked because you as an audience are the most active, generous, and interactive group of the MtG community I know of. So thanks, sincerely. That’s something hard to communicate in text, but it’s all I can offer at the moment.

Gifts Given was so successful, in fact, that I was unable to sell everything. I’m only allowed 100 eBay auctions per month. This means that in January, you can expect to see another batch of goodies on sale FOR THE CHILDREN in the same place as the others. Watch that space for new hotness in the first week of the new year and put your money down for cards, glory, and Child’s Play.

All that said…

Season Five of CommanderCast has been delayed. Technical problems.


Check back on January 9th, 2012 for Season Five’s earth-shattering kickoff. In the meantime, though, I have two podcasts for you to listen to that should help satisfy even the twitchiest EDH fiends looking for a Commander fix. Check out the new Sampler Episode and the Lost Episode, an artifact of Season Two discovered on my hard drive. In addition, to compensate for this service interruption, Season 5 will contain a not one but TWO contests (the first is currently under way!) and fourteen podcasts instead of the usual thirteen.

But wait… there’s more!

  • In the Content Index (which should be cleaned up and updated within the week), can can now find every season of CommanderCast available for download in a single complete compilation.
  • Follow Justin, perhaps CommanderCast’s SMOOTHEST voice, on Twitter! He finally stopped being all Twitter-resistant. You can find his Twitter profile here.
  • Our new YouTube hub is operational. This will be a compilation channel collecting videos from our outstanding YouTube directors and putting them into organized playlists. Get all your Commander video needs in one stop! This is a growing work in progress, currently being administered by my man Karston of Top and Go Productions… LETS GET IT
  • Donovan aka d0su aka D-Money (on the streets) has the CommanderCast Facebook Page (a subsidiary of CommanderCast Worldwide Headquarters) up and running. Go over there and do whatever it is you’re supposed to do on Facebook. It’s WREXIAL APPROVED!
  • Speaking of Wrexial Approved content, if you’re just shaking in anticipation of more EDH material, why not check out our excellent affiliate sites in the Friends area? They’re not nearly as lazy as myself and are still updating!

Hopefully, all this stuff helps make up for the inconvenience of our return being one week later.

Thanks again,

~ Andy aka GHoooSTS