By Nole Clauson and Eric Bonvie

90x90 nole378127_10150441621792624_1477312954_nHello Everyone! As we teased in our articles this week, we are bringing something new to Commandercast. We’d like to welcome your to our new podcast “Rivals Duel.” Every other week, we are going to be picking a topic that we feel like needs discussed and break down our thoughts on the topic. A lot of times our articles ((Social) Contract from Below and (Vexing) Devil’s Advocate) disagree with each other and this podcast will bring you the best in that. If helps that Nole and Eric (hereafter know as the underworld connection) stand on very different sides of most social contract issues. (It also helps that they are quick witted, funny, and (dare I say it) ruggedly handsome.) But rather then take my word for it, check out this teaser promo for Rival’s Duel and be sure to check us out starting week 2 of next season.

(For right now this is just the audio file. Once I figure out how to get the podcast to the “usual suspects,” you can expect a play button like commandercast has. Learning this is on my list of things to do during the break.)

[As of now Rivals Duel is downloadable via Rakdos the Clickable~Calvin]