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By Sean aka SwordsToPlow

The link below refers to a collection deck building templates.  People can use these to build some of the basic archetypes of Commander.  The templates are meant to be starting points to use if you are unsure of how to go about building a new deck.  Like most systems, the templates are not perfect.  If you use them, don’t be afraid to adjust them to fit your needs. There are four basic Archetypes among the templates, Casual, Aggro, Combo, and Control.  These templates cover 4 different sub-archetypes for each of these main archetypes.  While this is by no means an exhaustive list, I hope you find them useful for a starting point in Commander deck building.


Casual decks are decks that are not chasing a particular path to victory.  The goal of a casual deck is more centered on how the deck plays than how the deck wins.  These are the kind of decks I have noticed new players being drawn to.  The positive side is that you will be playing something that is fun to play.  The negative side is that they usually don’t win as often as focused decks.

Aggro decks try to win though combat damage and tend to be very straight forward.  Aggro decks are great for players who like to focus on what is on the battlefield.  While they will have some answers to opponents threats, their favorite answer is just to kill someone before they become a threat.

Combo decks win by putting together several specific cards to become victorious.  Combo decks are for people who really like to solve puzzles.  While combo players will often win when no one interacts with them, games are more enjoyable for them if they are challenged.  Combo players carry the deck equivalent of sniper rifles. They need to be very careful in how they play to not attract the attentions of their opponents.

Control decks are highly interactive decks.  These decks are meant to touch the game during many turns and on all levels.  Control decks are the dungeon masters of the Commander world.  Contrary to popular belief, control players aren’t there to stop people from playing cards.  These decks are the politicians of the Commander world.  You want to govern the direction of the game with a gentle touch. if the people unite against you, it’s game over.

The four casual templates provided are Good Stuff, Tribal, Themed and Tokens.

    • Good Stuff decks are built around incremental card advantage.  You can basically put any variety of card advantage producing cards in the deck. You plan to win in the long run thanks to the advantage created.  These decks are great for beginners because they play in a way that lets you always have cards to play or in hand.


    • Tribal decks are just decks built around a specific creature type such as elves, goblins or merfolk.  Tribal decks are best used if you are a fan of the creature type and have been collecting them anyways.  Usually a tribe will bring with it certain styles that will be reflected throughout your playing experience, even if it wasn’t planned.  Tribal decks can end up being very good simply because they generally give you low costed spells and effects that stack to create powerful late game threats.


    • Themed decks try to push any sort of theme throughout the deck.  This could vary from building a deck around Planeswalkers, a proliferate mechanic or picture of old dudes on the cards.  Themed decks are very fun to build and play, even if they are less effective than other decks.  Themed decks are for players who want to create a world while they play.


  • Like Tribal decks, Token decks are actually a kind of themed deck. They are so popular I thought they should be covered on their own.  Token decks try to overrun the table with all sorts of creature tokens.  The goal of many players who like token decks is to see how many tokens they can get and how big they can get their tokens.  I have seen players refuse to swing for damage while they build a huge army of monster squirrels.  The pride of having 20/20 squirrels eat Eldrazi can be more rewarding than winning the game.

The four templates for aggro decks are Ramp, Land Regulation, Voltron and Zoo.

    • Ramp decks are based on the ‘bigger is better’ principle.  Ramp decks largely ignore the first several turns of the game and spend that time getting access to as much mana as possible.  Once these decks have access to enough mana they will start dropping the biggest bombs possible onto the table.


    • Land Regulation is the opposite of ramp decks.  The decks will drop efficient creatures in the first few turns of the game, and then try to protect them by removing access to mana for the rest of the table.  The idea behind these decks is that most Commander decks depend on spells that cost a lot to win.  These are built to run off a very small amount of mana and create game states that keep everyone away from the bigger spells.


    • Voltron decks use the Commander Damage rules to win the game.  They play a bunch of individual creature buffs so that they can swing for 21 with their Commander as quickly as possible.  These decks are for people who prefer swordfights to all out wars.


  • Zoo decks are the most basic kind of aggro deck.  They play threats spread through the mana curve and just keep the pressure on their opponents throughout the game.  Zoo decks operate on the principle that if players are trying to deal with you they won’t have the time to win themselves.

The four templates for combo decks are Graveyard, Storm, Inf Mana, 2-3 Card

    • Graveyard decks are also referred to as reanimator decks.  They drop cards into their graveyard then use recursion or other type of graveyard utility to benefit from cards being in their graveyard.  By allowing themselves to utilize cards in their graveyard these decks create massive amounts of virtual card advantage.


    • Storm decks try to play as many spells as possible during a turn and then play a storm spell that kills everyone off.  These decks either use effects that draw a large number of cards or find ways to play spells for free over and over to build up the spell count.


    • Infinite Mana combo decks attempt to create an infinite amount of mana then they use a mana outlet to win the game.  These infinite mana combos can be as easy as putting 2 cards together or get as difficult as having the right 5+ cards all out at the same time.  These decks will need something to do with the mana once they have generated it, which is what separates them from 2-3 card combos.


  • 2-3 Card combo decks use library manipulation to find the 2 or 3 cards they need to win the game.  These cards win on their own and do not require an extra card to take advantage of the combo going off.  These combo decks have more library manipulation than any other style of deck.

The four templates for control decks are Classic, Prison, Rock and Enchantress

    • Classic control decks use a variety of answers to keep everyone else from winning until they can drop down a game ending bomb.  These decks have the ability to interact with any other type of deck.  They will have a larger number of cards that can be played at instant speed compared to other decks.


    • Prison decks are only for the type of player who likes be the archenemy of the group.  The idea of a prison deck is to put a soft or hard lock on the table that prevents opponents from casting any spells or using any mana.  These decks can be light on win conditions and usually depend on having enemies forfeit due to having no way to win themselves.


    • Rock decks are the kind of control deck you would want to play if your group was full of aggro decks.  Rock decks focus almost all of their energy on killing creatures.  They will either kill opponents with efficiently costed giant creatures or just twiddle people down with man land damage.


  • Enchantress decks protect themselves using a variety of enchantments.  These deck build a pillow fort to hide behind then slowly use attrition to take their opponents out of the game.

Feel free to use, print out, and distribute these templates as you see fit.  Let me know if you would prefer these in spreadsheet form to use online.  I hope this helps people who are trying to build and having a hard time either cutting cards or figuring out where to start.  Just to remind you, these are loose templates, so if you have to move several cards from category to category you will still be fine.  If you need any help in building a deck, email me at

Thanks for reading,


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171 Responses to “Accumulated Knowledge 15 – Archetype Templates”

  1. Mightily_Oats said

    This is great. I’ve got a few friends that are interested in playing EDH but are new to Magic. They are so overwelmed by size of the card pool, the infinite combinations of cards, and just learning the ins and outs of Magic itself. These templates will give them a direction to start heading in.
    I’ve always felt that having limitless options is pretty much the same as having no options. You need a frame work or a foundation to start with and THEN the creativity starts to take over. Thank you.

    • I am glad to see you liked it, and glad to have you on the writing staff. Let me know if any of your friends end up using these at all. If they do and they have comments, I would love to hear. The more input the better when it comes to helping out new players.

  2. al said

    I’m pretty sure my decks are a combination of a few of these archtypes. I guess all of my decks are somewhat casual, because they have no specific win con in mind. I general idea what I want the deck to do without a focus on the end game. Would you call a deck that tries to control a specific deck type an archtype? Like would a deck that tries to specifically control combo decks by including lots of artifact hate and hand disruption be its own type?

    • I would say decks that hate on one particular style of play are their own type of deck. However, I think they have to be built very differently depending on what exactly they are trying to hate out. Rock decks are like this for creatures. If you took the Rock decks and replaced WOG effects with mass xxxx card hate, you would generally get that kind of deck.

  3. Very well put summation of the major archetypes and their sub-types. It should be stressed that many decks feature a combination of the sub-types to win, and attacking (or building) them with this in mind is vital, as each sub-type has it’s exploitable weaknesses and strengths. Thus, it’s important to change up the sub-types of your list every so often to assure victory.

    • I agree about changing up types and having more than one deck if it is possible. Sometimes Magic ends up being a giant rock paper scissors game. You don’t want to just keep playing scissors.

  4. Krosanzero said

    I dont’ really think land regulation is a deck type. It’s a successful sub-theme, but making it the main focus of a deck isn’t a viable option. It’s much better to include it as a support option to deal with problem lands or use mass LD after dropping a threat to finish out a game.

    • Maybe it is the name that is throwing you off. Land Regulation decks could also be called Low Curve Decks. The most popular card that defines these decks is Winter Orb. Think Hokori, Dust Drinker style aggro.

  5. buttdongs said

    I support rill articles on Friday as opposed to the flashback, which was probably a pain

    also this good for you kids out there, build your decks with this stuff in mind or turn out like me

  6. I wanted to throw my hat in about Tribal decks: They’re not always token based, though tokens can help it get really far (see any Seshiro the Anointed lists). I find that tribal decks usually win or lose on the strength of the general, especially any Lords involved (exceptions obviously exist, especially for well developed tribes like Goblins).

    • There might be some confusion here, I just meant that both tribal and token decks are technically themed decks. I didn’t mean to imply that tribal decks usually relied on tokens.

  7. Ray said

    Thanks for taking the time to put this out for the community. As a newish EDH player I struggle sometimes to not rely on almost net decking to at least have a direction to take my decks. I rely on other decks to sometimes get an idea of how many creatures, utility, lands, etc. I need to run even though I am adding my own flavor and tech. This will go a long way to allow me to finally build a unique deck of my own.

  8. Not only a good summary of EDH, but of Magic archetypes in general. I’m curious where you draw the line between a “Good Stuff” casual deck and a deck that just has good synergies. Everyone loves a good Tooth and Nail in casual, but when would you consider Seedborn Muse/Kiki-Jiki/Mystic Snake to be more prison oriented, or rather part of a “Good Stuff” deck that can go that direction if needed, but still has various value engines? I hear so many people talk about “Good Stuff” decks as less focused and underwhelming in the face of more tuned strategies, but I’m curious more how to differentiate those from decks that may have “good cards” but less obvious strategies. Thanks!

  9. Matthew said

    Really interesting. I like the framework you’ve set up, although I’m not sure I completely agree with some of the distinctions you make. For example, you say infi-mana differs from 2-3 card combo because you need a wincon once you have the mana, but infi-mana + wincon is often still a 3 card combo. And, for example, you mention land regulation as a control strategy — which is technically true — but I tend to associate it with low CMC cards and think of it more as a supplement to an aggro strategy.

    When I think in terms of archetypes, I immediately think of the themes in the WotC Commander product: tokens, reanimator, ramp, tribal, and “political” cards. Each of them introduced an aggro and a control commander, showing how those are basically deckbuilding philosophies that can extend across deck archetype. Actually, when I read ‘template’, I kind of expected a general skeleton for each style of deck: a ramp deck wants 39-42 lands, 8-11 ramp cards, 15-20 creatures, etc. Obviously it would only be a guideline, but a collection of those archetypes would make for an interesting library.

    Regardless, great article. I think this is the kind of stuff we need to help re-frame the thinking about deck construction in EDH.

  10. Angela Hickman said

    This is great! Thanks so much for working to put together a resource like this. I think this will dramatically help me in my own deck building, because while I often have some theme or play style in mind, I have a hard time forgetting what ELSE should be in the deck besides the cards that do what I’m focusing on. Was wondering, where do you see decks that try to win through politics (group hug? zedruu?) or through alt-win cons like poison/milling? Are those examples of casual theme decks?

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