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Old Man Fred’s General Disclaimer: Your mileage may vary. What I’m about to say, while written to be as broad as possible, is not applicable to every person in every play group everywhere. If some guy in your play group uses Argothian Pixies in every deck, and that somehow makes what I’m about to say totally wrong, you’ve been warned.

Antiquities was the second ever Magic expansion. It came out in March of 1994 and was the first Magic expansion to have a mechanical theme, and by that I mean it was the original “artifact set.”

(You damn kids and your Mirrodin…)

It’s also the origin of the Brother’s War thing. See, kids, flavor used to be a more subtle background thing before they began like five year story arcs.

(Side note: My only complaint with Invasion Block is how deep it was into that damn Weatherlight story.)

Some Ground Rules
This list is about ten cards from Antiquities you should be playing in EDH.

I set three ground rules for this list:

1. They can’t be expensive. I’m not going to suggest you go out and buy a three hundred dollar card to play in EDH.
2. They can’t be too obvious. That wouldn’t make for an interesting article. These are cards that you should ponder, maybe give them a second look. So, while the cards I’m going to list aren’t obscure, they aren’t Candelabra of Tawnos.
3. Availability. Most of the cards I’m going to list have been reprinted and/or shouldn’t be too expensive. That being said, I don’t keep an eye on prices, so if for some reason Detonate has spiked in price, well, my bad.

Here they are in no particular order:

Ashnod’s Altar
Why I don’t see this more often? Do people not know this exists? Now, more than ever before, there are benefits to sacrificing creatures. When Dark Ascension comes out, it’ll get even better.

Colossus of Sardia
This guy! A 9/9 for only 9 mana! Sign me up! And no drawback. Well, except for that one… Well, there’s plenty of fun ways to get around that.

Way, way back when I first started playing in tournaments (and they were single elim, you Swiss pansies!) the first deck I ever won a tournament with was a mono red goblin deck. Detonate was just an extra piece of burn.
I’m a strong believer in playing with lots of utility cards. (Perhaps I’ve lost to too many Swords of X and Y.) This is a utility card that also slaps them in the face for their trouble.

Feldon’s Cane
You know how when you draw something excellent in your opening hand, and some jerk either blows it up, or you have to discard it before it does it’s awesomeness? And then its gone forever? And you wanna just cry and give up?
This is where our good friend Feldon’s Cane rides to the rescue.
This is one mana and goes into any deck. There’s a million ways to find it, and get it out, and it’s innocuous enough that no one will bother you about it.

Hurkyl’s Recall
This thing…
Read what it does and dream of big things. Or, barring that, dream of wrecking some Voltron playing jerk’s day.

When Triskelion was first printed, way back in 1994, it was just an amazing way to deal colorless damage combined with an awesome funky picture. In the year 2012, there’s a million and one ways to put +1/+1 counters on a dude. I once used Evolution Vat to put enough counters on a Triskelion to kill five people at once.

Strip Mine
This seems like a no brainer. Wasteland costs, well, go look it up. Strip Mine is better, and can be had for less than five bucks. It’s also one of the few cards from the set that doesn’t have the word artifact on it!

Mishra’s Factory
The classic original man land! It’s really better than any one printed since. Don’t forget that when he blocks he can tap to boost himself.

Shatter Storm
You guys know this exists, right? Once again, maybe I’ve just lost to too many swords. But this is a Wrath of God for artifacts. EDH has more artifacts more reliably than any other format. This is especially good in mono red, which is especially bad at everything in EDH.

Ivory Tower
This is an easy, cheesy way to gain tons of life with zero work. Do I really need to sell this any further?

Fred’s Bonus: Honorable Mentions
Antiquities is too old and interesting a set to let things go at only ten. So I need to briefly include a few more honorable mentions:

Goblin Artisans
If you need a generic goblin, this is your man! I used to play with this card when I needed a 1/1 goblin mostly just to screw with people. His ability is a hundred lines of tiny text. Even now, as I write about it, I still don’t know what this guy does other than – Some crap about artifacts and coin flips. Trust your ol’ pal Fred: People will freak the geek out over this, because they’ll wonder what you’re up to.

Orcish Mechanics
This is extra awesome sauce for your Atog deck. It’s a sac outlet for artifacts that also pings for two. The other thing is it’s cheap and there’s like no reprints, so it might as well be called Wall of Archaic Templating.

Urza’s Mitre
This card is pretty horrible. But you know that weird shaped hat a bishop wears? That’s what a Mitre is. That that means Urza was…

This card is awesome. But beyond that, the Antiquities version is misprinted. If you see this card in black boarders, it’s not Beta, it’s Antiquities. It was printed without an expansion symbol. (Quality control wasn’t as consistent back then.)

And finally…
Golgothian Sylex
If you start playing Antiquities cards in your group, and everyone sees how uber-powerful and fun they are, and they start copying you, and your play group is over run by Argothian Treefolk, then you can play this card and it’ll bail you out. Just be sure to build your deck so you don’t get burned too hard when you play it.

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