The Best Laid Plans

January 21, 2013


Sorry for the delay folks, but when you’re new to editing podcasts, working connections, AND trying to tie in an entire staff together, all  while doing this as a hobby when you have a full-time job that’s calling 50 hrs+ at the end of their fiscal year, it can be tough to get things done on time.

Since I’d rather put out something late than shove out a turd of an episode just to meet a deadline, we’re going to delay the rebroadcast of Commandercast until next week, after the Gatecrash pre-release. To be fair, I DID mention this as a real possibility, so just hang tight while we feverishly work to bring your weekly dosage of Community, Strategy, and Technology back online.

Thanks for your patience!

William aka BlueRam

By William aka BlueRam

Happy Holidays everybody. I know it might seem like your world is crashing down on you now that Andy’s gone, but does that mean that we’re through here at Commandercast?


I’m officially taking over the franchise now, and I’m sure everyone’s both surprised, upset, and ready to raise an angry mob over this, but I’m going to do the best I can to fill Andy’s solid gold kicks. Hopefully, though, I can give you a reason to check back in a few weeks when we launch the next season of Commandercast, as well as some general notes about this whole thing. I wish I could give you more, but those shoes don’t shine themselves.

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This entry is part 23 of 23 in the series Savor That Commander Flavor

By William aka BlueRam

“Arriving home, he suddenly longed for the bloodsoaked battlefields behind him.” -Season’s Beatings

Well, it’s been a crazy year. I started writing the column at the start of the Season Six, around a spring that saw an unfortunately timed storm. Natural disasters, political campaigns, and the printing of Thragtusk, the world saw it all in 2012 (except for the end of it, thank you Mayans).

But we saw the beginning of the new year with our Return to Ravnica, and a plethora of useable cards, especially in Commander. The collectors got new shinies, casuals got cheaper duels, and we all got the early previews for the new Gatecrash set.

Every year’s got it’s good and it’s bad, but they always have an end too. Just like the year, this column’s got an end, which is going to be this one. With what I’ve got planned for the upcoming year, I’m erring on the side of keeping my finger out of too many pies. I might return to the column someday but, for now at least, I’m getting ready to call it quits for the writing gig.

So, to send ya’ll off with an end of the year classic: a fictional narrative about my journey as a planeswalker, and the paths it crossed.

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This entry is part 22 of 23 in the series Savor That Commander Flavor

By William aka BlueRam
“I will trade life for life with the insurgents. Our resources, unlike theirs, are limitless.”
—Davvol, Evincar of Rath (Attrition)

Enter those who are starving and sick. You are welcome among the Swarm when the rest of Ravnica rejects you. (Golgari Guildgate)

“Are you going to remake my deck?”

“Shut up, Ghave.”

“No, really, when are you going to remake my deck?”

“I’m not, so shut up.”

You might know that I have a plethora of decks in my arsenal. You might also know that a certain fungus shaman was decommissioned not only for being way too powerful, but for creating combos that hurt my head.

It didn’t take him long to start demanding his position again, but after the unsatisfying victories he led too, I was reluctant to give in…at least, that was the case until From the Vaults: Realms came out, and I finally had a Murmuring Bosk. I don’t like not using special edition cards like FTV, so I really only had one thing I could do with it…

“Now you HAVE to remake my deck.”

“……God damn it, Ghave.”

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This entry is part 21 of 23 in the series Savor That Commander Flavor

By William aka BlueRam

“The feeble resistance of the flesh is over. Phyrexia spreads its shadow over all.” -Life’s Finale

“The emergence of the Eldrazi isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as you’ve already lived a fulfilling and complete life without regrets.”
—Javad Nasrin, Ondu relic hunter ~All is Dust

The Praetors. If you haven’t seen one by now, consider yourself either lucky, or brain-dead. These five pillars of misery bring forth doom and despair upon anyone on the wrong side of the fence with a hulking display of power and suppression. They are the pinnacle Magic villainy. At one point, it was believed that these cards would be so overpowered that they would be banned from EDH completely.

Any time a player brought one of these praetors to the front lines you can expect panic and mayhem to ensue. These lords of suppression demand immediate attention. If they’re not countered, then the spot removal rains down on them. Urabrask and Sheoldred might be stopped, as can Jin-Gitaxias (if you’re quick enough), but Elesh Norn and Vorinclex both have immediate impacts on the game, wiping out creatures and locking down mana in one fell swoop.

A lot of people are still sore that Wizards ever released such horrors upon us and call them out as idiots who don’t know how to design for Commander. I, however, praise how well their design works.

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December 6, 2012


 By William aka BlueRam

By Jhoira (avatar by PolishTamales)

“Day 31: I finally succeeded i my time reversal experiment!
“Day 30: I might have a problem here.” ~Journal of the Prime Izmagnus




The following has been translated from near-indecipherable handwriting. At this time it is unclear if the original author knew what he was doing, or if he was just touched in the head. I’ve done my best to transcribe the records for your enjoyment, in their entirety, without misrepresentations. I would ask the original author what some of these notes meant, but unfortunately I was unable to track him down for comments. As such, I will provide commentary and translator’s notes when appropriate to explain certain references or to take an educated guess at what’s going on.

So for what it’s worth, I hope you enjoy this series of experiments concocted by one, William aka BlueRam.

Much regards,
Jhoira of the Ghitu

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