By Andy aka GHoooSTS
I wouldn’t normally have bothered with this, but I needed some content to fill a gap from a flame-out and I’ve had this video cold-chillin’ on my hard drive for a while so the time seemed appropriate to unleash it upon y’all. This is the often-requested decklist of mine for the rather aggressive Radha, Heir to Keld list I built pretty close to two years ago and have been playing pretty frequently since. Of my crap decks, this one people seem the most interested in by a broad margin, so I couldn’t see much purpose in not letting people know the contents.

Let me preface this by saying this isn’t a particularly good or well-constructed deck. It doesn’t win an extraordinary number of games or anything. To me, all my decks are ‘casual’ decks, and they’re all ‘fun’; it’s not some ridiculous pocket secret-weapon I bring out to fight tryhards with. I hope the deck isn’t too disappointing.

For an examination of the decklist itself well beyond what I can afford to offer, check out this’s profile of my joint. You can find a breakdown of the mana curve and costs, all the cards, and even play some sample hands with it.

To see the full list, click here.

Then, for some actual analysis and explanation of the philosophy around the deck’s construction, you can just scope this video (feat. Optimus Prime). The video is broken down into three parts:

00:00 to 11:15: Deck Philosophy/Why You Should Play It

11:15 to 29:24: Card Analysis

29:25 to closing: Sample Hands