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Hi all,


Adam went to a punk show and I had got swamped with work, so our last episode is going to be delayed a week. Sorry for the wait.


That said, you gotta admit that ending it all on Halloween is just objectively cooler than ending it on Oct. 24, right? Right. So we’ll be back next Monday with probably more interstitials than actual segments about Magic cards, but you probably always knew that was going to be the case anyway.


Hang in there, folks! We’ll be back to assault your ears with our nonsense one last time real soon.







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Basically me this past week (minus the goblin).


Hi all,


I had tempted fate for too long and for my hubris I got dat ‘rona.  I’m feeling fine now, but obviously being under the weather cut into my time this past week, so unfortunately I couldn’t both record & edit the show as normal.  And all this after I had just unf***ed the podcast feed, gotten the iTunes backend in order, etc., something, something, best laid plans of mice and men… you get the idea.


In any event, the show will return next week as per usual. There are too many weird old cards out there and dammit someone has to talk about them on the internet.  We take our jank very seriously on CommanderCast.


Take care everybody.  Stay healthy and we’ll talk at ya next week–




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Howdy folks!


It’s vacation time around these parts, so your usual dynamic duo are off this week.  Oddly, this also coincides with a relative lack of new content to talk about (for a change), but we’ll be back next week to fill the CommanderCast void in your schedule.


Until then, enjoy these ridiculous Magic: the Gathering-themed beach towels that I was somehow surprised to see exist.  Of course they have MtG beach towels, right? This is America–what wouldn’t people put on a beach towel? (Please don’t answer that.)


See you next week!



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Apologies for having to unexpectedly take this week off, folks, but it does happen every now and then.


However, you can rest assured that we’ll be back next week with a metric ton of Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate content. It may take us as many episodes as there are words in that ridiculously long set title in order to cover all the goodies we’ve gotten.  There’s nothing quite like trying to drink out of the firehose of content to kick off the summer, is there?


Until then, enjoy the long weekend and remember the reason for the season: all of our young men and women who gave their lives in defense of our country.


God bless them, one and all.



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Sometimes life hits you like Rowdy Roddy Piper in an alley and it’s less than conducive to podcast recording. We’re all fine, but just like Keith David we had to take a little breather before jumping back into the fight.


The good news is that we’ll be back with spoiler talk next week and assorted nonsense, so stay tuned! Here’s a preview: we mostly like the new cards, but we’re grumpy about having to learn yet another new name for old wedge colors.


You probably could have guessed that.

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Sorry for the interruption in our regularly scheduled shows, but through a combination of little annoying life factors, we had to take a week off to deal with… well, life.  Everything is fine, it’s just that stuff piles up sometimes and sometimes you don’t get to choose went you deal with that cue, you know?


On the bright side, we’ll be back next week with spoilers and Khans of Tarkir nonsense to talk about.  So enjoy the communal sugar rush that is Halloween and we’ll see you all in a week.