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Happy Holidays

Welcome to a very special weekend update. We didn’t want to interrupt your usual useful content with something like this.  It has been proven people are less likely to complain when new material doesn’t interfere with their normal schedule.  As a thanks to you, the faithful CommanderCast audience and as a avenue for self promotion for myself, I bring you something new to listen too.

I would like to introduce the new Commander podcast on the block, Serious Tryhard Podcast. STP takes a drastically different approach to the Commander podcasting format. STP has one host and one editor who will occasionally chime in.  The casts are short and far from sweet.  Settling in with episodes only 20 minutes in length, this is the sitcom of the Commander world.

STP focusing almost entirely on either on satirical rants or on technology segments.  OCC and Commandercast cover social issues in the format, while STP has decided to focus on making a better decks.  You can see the latest episodes every week starting the beginning of 2013 at Read the rest of this entry »

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By Sean aka SwordsToPlow

To end this Season, I am going to follow through on a request I was given by several of my readers. Every now and then I get requests asking me what decks I am playing and if I have the lists posted online. Today, I am going to give you a run through of each of my decks, why i built them and why I play them.

Arcum – The Asylum
Arcum was built for a challenge and stays together for nostalgia. Building Arcum marked my entry into the online Magic community. You can see the process of building Acrum over at my old site, Arcum Asylum. Read the rest of this entry »

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By Sean aka SwordsToPlow

Most people are smart enough to avoid staring directly at the sun.  The density of foils in my Commander decks can cause a similar danger to the eyes.  Recently I discovered that forcing other players to wear sunglasses to read my cards isn’t as fun for them as it is for me.  When Johnnie Walker isn’t reminding me of my undeniable greatness, I come to the realization that maybe, just maybe, Commander isn’t a dick measuring competition.  It is in these brief moments of sobriety that I realize a game should be fun for everyone involved. 

 Powering down a deck is about focusing on goals that may be separate from winning.  In terms of video games, powering down happens when you have won the game and now it’s time to unlock all the achievements and extra levels.  You will still be trying to win the game.  You will also be trying to win in a very particular way.  Shooting an apple is fun.  Shooting an apple, off a panda’s head, while blindfolded, is a blast.

 It pains me to admit that I am not perfect.   I know this may come as a shock to the few of you that do stare at the sun.  When it comes to inventing new bat shit crazy ideas for decks, I draw a blank.  When I need pure creativity, I go to the coked up Andy Warhol of the online Commander community, Andrew Magrini.  I mean that in the nicest way, of course.  My logic based brain just can’t contemplate how he comes up with the constant stream of Evil Kenevil/Wile E. Coyote inspired deck ideas.

 Andrew’s latest goal is to gain the ‘Avalanche’ achievement.  While regular players may want to use creatures or spells to take out their opponents, Andrew things it would be a great idea to beat somebody to death with some basic lands. Well sir;

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By Sean aka SwordsToPlow

The link below refers to a collection deck building templates.  People can use these to build some of the basic archetypes of Commander.  The templates are meant to be starting points to use if you are unsure of how to go about building a new deck.  Like most systems, the templates are not perfect.  If you use them, don’t be afraid to adjust them to fit your needs. There are four basic Archetypes among the templates, Casual, Aggro, Combo, and Control.  These templates cover 4 different sub-archetypes for each of these main archetypes.  While this is by no means an exhaustive list, I hope you find them useful for a starting point in Commander deck building.

Deck Templates <-CLICK HERE TO VIEW TEMPLATES Read the rest of this entry »

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By Sean aka SwordsToPlow

It ain’t easy in this world for a pimp.

Magic the Gathering is known as a TCG(Trading Card Game) or CCG (Collectible Card Game).  For many players like myself the trading and collecting portion of Magic is just as important as playing.  Some players work on building their collections based on value.  They treat collecting and trading like a business.  Other players take the pokemon approach and try to collect all the Magic cards.  Still more players try to collect the unusual and hard to find, to have on display or in a binder.  Those of us obsessed with ‘pimping’ trade and collect to make our decks flashy and unique. 

Like actual pimps, we usually blow right past ‘tastefully done’ and right into ‘you have got to be fucking kidding me’ territory.  Instead of having our decks represent a fine designer suit, our decks more likely represent a neon-green, leopard-print, trench coat with matching bell bottoms, hat, and cane.  We don’t realize how ridiculous we look to other people.   Most people don’t mind, and can even appreciate a cool foil or rare card here and there.  When your whole deck glows like the case in a mall jewelry shop, people get overwhelmed.  See example;

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By Sean aka SwordsToPlow

You can’t have a marriage with just one person.  Building a lasting relationship is like creating a strong structure or making a successful Commander deck.  If you really want to build something that lasts, it needs to be built on a solid foundation.  Collaborate with your friends and you can build your Commander deck into a monument to your love of Magic.  There are a variety of different tools on the web available. You can use these tools to collaborate, design, and improve decks. 

Someday there may be a tool that combines all of these aspects into one convenient location. There many tools out there. Finding the ones that work for you can be a daunting task.  Have no fear.  I will show you which tools I like to use with my friends. I use these tools to guarantee I get to have as much fun as possible before I start buying and trading for cards.

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