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By William aka BlueRam

“The symbol of the Conclave is one of unity, with tree supporting sun and sun feeding tree.” -Selesnya Signet


Sparks were flying early as we started fending off attacks. But now was the time for my long awaited counter strike.

Sigil of the Empty Throne is a card that usually needs an enchantress build in order flourish. But today, getting the one angel off of it was enough. It was enough, because the enchantment that had produced the angel turned out to be Growing Ranks. Rhys would do the rest.

In a few short rounds, my one angel had become a flight of 15. Dropping a BeastMaster Ascension should have been the play that killed the table….or at least it would’ve been if someone hadn’t Fog’d. A group effort knocked me out and looking for a new game to play.

The day to test Rhys and Trostani had come, and I plenty of games to try and figure it out.

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By William aka BlueRam

 “Elspeth’s squires do not seek advancement. For them, no knightly glory could surpass the glory of serving their champion.” -Dauntless Escort

It’s perfectly normal to start getting close to your cards. I do it all of the time. People might look at you funny when you start telling them that you consider some of your cards to be your very own special “partner”, but there are also people who understand that feeling. I’ve had plenty of comments and the like of people sharing stories about their generals, and I’ve loved reading them all!

But when you start having conversations with your imaginary versions of these characters? I think it’s safe to say that you might be in a little deep. Currently, I’m up to hips. What do I mean by that? Well first, let’s have a quick re-cap.

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By William aka BlueRam


“We will grow an army large enough to withstand the Izzet’s madness.”
             -Trostani (Growing Ranks)

I’ll be honest with you. I was going to write a nice narrative this week that paralleled my experience at the Return to Ravnica pre-release, with a title drop and everything. But a few days before the deadline, I decided to scrap it in order to give what I feel is a truer sense of just how special the event was for me. There’s a time for epics recounting the class of demon and dragon, but I’m afraid that today’s story mandates that I recount what actually happened.

Don’t worry, there’ll be a narrative next week (different from the one I was going to post), but today I’m going to recount the amazing events that transpired, and introduce you to the amazing general who blessed me with her very hands.

What’s that? You already know who I pulled? Well if that’s the case, I’d like to direct your attention to this special apparatus in my totally not-digitized hands.


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By William aka BlueRam

“The Selesnya are gathering armies. Do you still believe they aren’t preparing for war?”
—Teysa, to Isperia -Horncaller’s Chant

In just a few short days, players everywhere will be cracking open packs, tearing through booster boxes, and making Wizards wish they’d printed waaaaay more packs. Seriously, did you SEE the prize support for the pre-release? I don’t know about you, but my store’s was pitiful.

I’m sure plenty of you had the luck to open some legends. I was lucky enough to get not one, but two different guild masters at the pre-release. What did I get? Well, I was lucky enough to pull copies of Trostani, Voice of Selesnya in my Selesnya guildpack, and two copies of Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord in the packs I won.

I think the universe might be telling me something.

Of course, this gives me the perfect opportunity to use both of these guild leaders to talk about something any true guild member should pursue: The ultimate guild deck.

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 By William aka BlueRam

“The city is vast and perilous, but there are places where a weary traveler can feel very much at home.”  -Oak Street Innkeeper

As we all know, Return to Ravnica is finally upon us! Hurrah! Hurrah! Everything’s been spoiled, and you can bet that we’ll be seeing a whole bunch of brand-new commander content coming up in the next couple of weeks as everybody fights Tooth and Nail to get their hands on the sweet new cards that are coming out.

But I’m looking to this Saturday with great anticipation. It’ll be the first time that I’ve had a chance to play with Ravnica cards since, well, the original Ravnica. Although, my guild won’t be showing up until GateCrash (it’s Boros, and you’ll see why), I’m more than happy to populate the field with my fellow Selesnyans. As much as I loved Lightning Helix, Boros Recruit, and Argus Kos, Wojek Veteran, I still have plenty of fond memories using Scatter the Seeds to play Guardian of Vitu-Ghazi and a bunch of other saproling tribal cards. If I’m lucky, I might get some Azorius action in, too.

But if you’ve read some of my previous articles, you’ll realise that something doesn’t add up quite right.

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By William aka BlueRam

“It is not a goal, but a process—the process of creating the perfect Phyrexia.”

-Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur

I get plenty of emails from my readers asking me how to make flavorful decks. Of course when I  say “plenty”, I really mean one guy who asked me for my opinion on a deck he was trying to throw together. Unfortunately, with a full-time job and a full-time school schedule, I haven’t been able to get back to that guy with proper input, and I’m definitely not sending a half-assed one (but I WILL get back you as soon as I can). So for now, I’m going to give some general advice about how I go about building my decks and how I pick cards to cut and such.

Last week I gave a you a narrative about the “contract” that I made with Damia, as well as the general basis for the deck that I made for her. The overall theme that I was going for was that of “knowledge is the ultimate power”, and I supported that theme with cards that were built around Omniscience, like extra draw effects and ramp effects to hard cast it.

But unlike the story where I walk off the plane with a plan already laid out, the actual process is just that, a process. Today, I’m going to break down how I went about making the deck and provide some more insight to my own personal deck building strategy. It also gives me a chance to draw some comparisons with the narrative to help those who don’t quite get what I was trying to say.

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