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By Phil, AKA BeltFedWeapon

True power is achieved through blood and sweat. But mostly blood. -Vampiric Tutor

Part X: Paying Life


One of the best indicators to separate out novice magic players from those that have more experience is to gauge a player’s reaction when a Black card requires its caster to pay life.  Newer players tend to value their life as sacrosanct – something that should not be lost and is a measure of if you are winning or not.  More experienced players have realized that your life total is a resource to be used, just like the cards in your hand, graveyard, and in play.  True connoisseurs of Black think: “I’m at 3 life?  No problem, I can still cast my Sign in Blood to draw two cards.”


While Black’s strength in having the best tutors is obvious, its strength in being the best color at exploiting your life as a resource is far less so.  With the recent printing of so many very good Black cards that revolve around paying life, it behooves me to give the topic the full treatment.

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Off-Week/The Big 4-0-0 PSA

February 11, 2020

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Hey everyone and welcome to what is definitely not your regular, weekly CommanderCast episode! 


Adam was out of town this week, and as you’ve probably guessed by lateness of this post, I’m a little under the weather, so unfortunately you’ll have to wait another week for more Community, Strategy, and Technology.


But, as long as I’ve got you here, I do have two quick announcements for you:

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Spoiler season, why aren’t you more exciting?


I’m actually more excited about spoiler season than her Majesty’s scowl might suggest, but I’m not over the moon about this new set yet.  By way of explanation, let us consider some of the new commanders we’re getting this spoiler season:

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My face, while reading the article linked below


“Why is this a thing?” is my first, honest reaction to the news that WotC will be offering little packs of alternate art cards in the form of timed daily drops over the course of the next week, titled Secret Lair for… reasons?

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In honor of International Podcast Day today, our recording software decided to celebrate by totally and irrevocably cocking up our audio for this episode.   It’s rare that I can blame something besides my own incompetence for missing a week, but thankfully irony stepped in to help me out.

We should be back to normal next week. My apologies for making you all wait.



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We all need something to listen to as we’re sleeving up some precons, but unfortunately that won’t be CommanderCast this week.  It’s too bad because I have definite opinions on butter coffee and The Boys to share, but those will just have to slide onto the back burner for now.


To hold you over until then, here are some goodies for your ear canals to help you through the week.


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