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Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
At the end of Season 4, I announced a contest that would run across the gap between Season 4 and Season 5. This was the Battle of the Bands. Since I had planned to flip all the music on CommanderCast into stuff that fell into the Creative Commons liscence, I needed something to replace the iconic Star Trek Fight to the Death music used in the Free-For-All Roundtable segment since it’s inception. While this was deeply saddening, it also created an interesting opportunity for a contest. I didn’t know how much of the CommanderCast audience was musically inclined, but I figured it probably wouldn’t get me killed to throw the idea out there.

You can find the rules for Battle of the Bands here.

Well, that contest has ended and the staff of CommanderCast has deliberated on what they consider the best entry to represent the Free-For-All Roundtable. Below, you can decide for yourself which ones you liked and even download them for your listening pleasure. However, much like the old music signaled, in the arena of this contest there can only be one winner. I present your combatants, arranged into a single embedded player for your convenience.

These are the songs you are hearing, in order:

Song: “Space Fights Are Serious, And So Is This Fight”
Submitted by: Brandon
Download the MP3!

Song: “Fight to the Deathmetal”
Submitted by: Levi
Download the MP3!

Song: “Ghost”
Submitted by: Cassidy
Download the MP3!

Song: “Time Amok”/”Time Amok Faster REMIX”
Submitted by: Judson
Download the MP3 of the original and the faster remix!

And here we have the winner. One song that has left the others in a battered and bloodied heap while the onlookers of the arena chant it’s name; the NEW Free-For-All Roundtable theme and winner of the Battle of the Bands!

“GHOST” by Cat Or Mouse!

So, a few things:

1) This contest was totally not rigged. Even though the winner is Cassidy Silver aka Mr. You Can’t Handle the Nath aka superstar and multiple-time CommanderCast guest host. But I swear it didn’t get picked because of that. Nobody else even knew who submitted what.

2) This song is sweet and you should look into the rest of the tunes produced by Cassidy’s band Cat Or Mouse. DO IT NOW

Anyway, that concludes the Battle of the Bands. Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry (don’t be surprised to hear some of these songs used elsewhere on CommanderCast’s audio listings), and congratulations to my man Cassidy. Expect to see that sweet, sweet Derfington alter in the near future.

Now that we’ve gotten our music straightened out and legalized, we can move on to the next Season Five contest.

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