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Hey everyone! Welcome to the first episode 0f Coast 2 Coast! This is a new bi-weekly podcast sent in by listeners like you who wanted to dip there toes into the podcasting waters. So who are we to stop them? Prepare yourselves for a new listening experience and don’t forget to leave a comment!



It’s the first ever episode of Coast to Coast Commander, a multiplayer variety podcast for casual players. Three Commander players from the Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Pacific sit down and give you the what’s what on all sorts of topics. This week Dan, Greg, and Carl discuss a cool article from Commander’s past, rebuild a Commander 2015 precon, and review a popular set of sleeves.








“8 Simple Rules For Playing In My Commander Group,” by Jason Alt

8 Simple Rules for Playing in My Commander Group


Call the Spirits Decklist



Tapped Out links for both decks:

Greg’s Take

Dan’s Take


We also discuss the Ultra Pro 100ct Pro-Matte Black Standard sleeves that you shouldn’t buy.


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