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Finally! The boys have come BACK to And this time they come bearing an all new episode. This week our Coastal Commanders  Dan, Greg, and Carl tackle power creep in your play group, go over their personal methods for deck building in a Deck Doctor’s Medical School segment, and share their favorite picks from  Conspiracy:Take the Crown.



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One Response to “Coast 2 Coast Commander: Ep. 12 – Back 2 School”

  1. Jeremy Parsons said

    Deck building from scratch.

    First come up with an idea. Might be a commander, might be a mechanic, might be some cards that catch my eye.
    Set aside some cards with all the big ones preferably not already in use in other decks.
    Actually start the deck with 37 lands, some mana ramp and fixing at the start.
    Now, try to whittle out a deck of the 200 cards of interest you set aside.
    Cut it all down to 100 cards, and realize you still don’t have say your ramp, draw, and removal spells.

    Now begin to goldfish. I feel this testing phase is critical because it’s the part where I start to actually connect the cards and the flow of the deck. It’s not that I need to win, but I want to know the deck is hitting its land drops and having things to play. I hate sitting there with a hand of 6 drops and 3 lands in play. You could also say this is where I intuit the overall casting cost balance of my decks. It’s only later when I export them from Decked and load them into Tapped Out that I then get to see some of the breakdowns and it goes: hey your average casting cost is 3.8.

    Tapped Out has some other features where you can click on the graphs and charts and it will then highlight the corresponding cards in your list. For instance clicking on the graph for 2 mana green spells. You can even goldfish a few test hands or turns of play for a list you have that you’ve not got all the physical cards for yet.

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