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So these knuckleheads weren’t able to put together a show this week. But instead of leaving you all hanging, I was able to swipe their Facebook messenger banter about Kaladesh and some other random ramblings. If you squint just right, it looks like an article from the old Grantland site. Bill Simmons would be proud…if he listened to Magic: the Gathering podcasts. Read on! -Carl


Dan: So Kaladesh spoilers have been out and the set is going to release on September 30th. I’ve been sifting through the card image gallery a few times and there are a ton of Commander goodies to be found. What are you looking forward to most?

Greg: Boy, tons of interesting stuff in here. Lots of new mechanics to dig into. You’ve got your energy, you’ve got your vehicles, you’ve got your new mountain of artifacts that would rival the one found on Mirrodin. Tons of new tools for Commanders. What’re you looking forward to?

Dan: Don’t you answer my question with another question! And I don’t know why you are typing like that, its not like this is going to end up as an article somewhere. I think it’s a tough call, there is a lot to go through.

Greg: Article? I don’t know anything about that, but I think we ought to do a good ol’ Spike vs. Silly! Find the card that most speaks to your competitive side and one that most speaks to your silly side. I’ve got a few I’ve been keeping my eye on so I’ll let you take the first shot. I know, so gracious to let (read: make) you name your picks first.

Dan: Why are you typing like this?!?! My alter ego Lance would have to go with Padeem, Consul of Innovation. He is a nicely costed Commander and support card that makes all of your artifacts have Hexproof. The icing on the cake is at the beginning of your upkeep, if you control the artifact with the highest converted mana cost or tied for the highest converted mana cost, draw a card. So I get a way to protect all of my artifacts from spot removal and targeted abilities, plus the ability to get some card draw out it. In a deck that leverages its artifacts and has acess to blue, Padeem is going to be a real Padeem in the butt to deal with. When you channel your inner spike what are you finding

Greg: Oh Richard? He’s pretty excited about Panharmonicon. It’s an artifact that screams “BREAK ME!”. If you’re not familiar, it basically makes it so when artifacts and creatures that enter the battlefield under your control trigger an ability, you can have those abilities trigger a second time. That means if anything, ANYTHING triggers when artifacts or creatures come in you get a second trigger.

Dan: I derped when I read it. Do you have any triggered abilities you’re planning to abuse with it? Not so I can get a headstart on our meta or anything. Or that sometimes I can’t remember if triggered abilities have the  “when,” “whenever,” “at” or if they have a colon. It’s totally not that.

Greg: Triggered abilities are mostly things with “when” or “whenever.” So if I were to use this in a token deck, I’d want to mostly mix it with things like Cathars’ Crusade or Aura Shards so I could double down on all my tokens coming into play.

Dan: Doubling Season for triggered abilities in a format where that is going to happen all the time? Just brutal. So what about your silly pick?

Greg: So for silly I went with my gut reaction to one of the first spoilers I saw from the set: Depala, Pilot Exemplar. This dwarf pilot seems like a great silly general for this new world full of vehicles and the old world full of dwarves. She’s a 3/3 for 3 and can help you filter your deck for answers without putting her directly into the fire of combat. But really I just want to make a dwarf tribal deck with random vehicles that come out of nowhere. What have you got for your silly pick?

Dan: The whole set is ridiculous.There are battle trains (Aradara Express), battleships (Skysovereign, Consul Flagship) and battle goats (Thriving Ibex, top notch Goat Napper target). Any number of cards could be my silly pick, so out of a hat I picked Aetherflux Reservoir. I absolutely love the high risk, high reward, glass cannon angle of paying 50 life to do 50 damage to a creature or player. Plus there is a Prowess-esque life gain ability built in. And it’s also great way to kill yourself to get out a game and snag the last slice of pizza. In an Oloro, Karlov, or life gain focused deck this is a 4 drop win condition that requires minimal setup. With that in mind it could just as easily be a spike pick, but since I don’t run tutors as a play style preference, I’d be relying on the heart of the cards to be in my favor. I think that strikes a fair balance.

Greg: I do like it as an option to slam down and take out the biggest problem player in the game in a Bruce Willis from Armageddon way. I’m always a fan of the big, flashy cards with conditions that normally seem out of reach. I think this is a great pick!

Dan: Shades of Helix Pinnacle.

Greg: Exactly.

Dan: So random question. Let’s say I know this person Da…Danielle.  She had to spend way too much money on new tires for her car and can’t afford to buy any cards from Kaladesh or her various wish lists at her favorite vendors. But she has way too many unplayed cards lying around in her collection and rare binder. How would you go about selling or trading in those cards so you could grab some new hotness without actually being out real world money?

Greg: Hmmmm…that’s a tough one. I’d say you have a few options that are all potentially awkward. First option: go to a local shop or two and see if they’re at all interested in purchasing anything. Second option: while at local shop let folks know you’re looking for trades and trying to off load some cards. Third option: make one of those collection of cards sales on eBay where you just put a bunch of cards you don’t want into a pile, list the top sellers, and hope someone wants it bad enough.

Dan: I normally use an online vendor like Card Kingdom or Cool Stuff Inc. They are not the only players in town, but I have had positive experiences with both of them in the past. I don’t necessarily get top dollar, but I can get a 20-30% extra value in store credit on trade-ins that helps make up some of the difference. I can then put it right back into cards I want. Combined with frequent buyer discounts on things like single cards or free shipping, it is not a bad deal. I do have to accept the fact I’m losing money compared to some other options, but I gain a lot in the way of convenience by working with reputable vendors who pay quickly. I mean she.

Greg: …sure, Danielle. Yeah, that’s usually a good call, although I normally try to grab items from a new set early since who knows how the meta will react to stuff. In the end, I feel like doing it the way you’re usually going about it is losing less dollars than any of the 3 options since most stores want to buy it to sell it at a higher price and people at stores are looking for a deal.

Dan: There’s a lot to think about there, all of them have real merit. I wonder what our listeners would say if they read that. They might have some options to share. Too bad they’ll never read this. Speaking of reading, GUNS OF EMPIRE!!!!

Greg: OH MY GOD IT’S THE BEST. Seriously, I don’t know how more people don’t know about the Shadow Campaigns books. Like, people who love George R. R. Martin would love Django Wexler’s stories. Also, he actually releases a book in the series every two years (zing!).

Dan: HIYO. I think I may have mentioned it awhile back when I was on Commadercast. Guns of Empire is book four in the series, but the first book (The Thousand Names) was just as amazing. Flintlock fantasy with epic battle scenes reminiscent Bernard Cornwell but with more flair, beautiful world building, a fascinating female lead character, and the way the author handles magic in this world blew me away. And each book in the series has been different in ways that make them enjoyable and stand out. If we had a Coast 2 Coast Commander book club this would be our first recommendation.

Greg: Definitely. I think with those 3 things we’ve got enough for an episode. Should we change them into show notes and use that for when we record?

Dan: Wait, did we invite Carl to this chat?

Greg: Eh, we’ll just send him the outline for when we record this. He’ll figure it out.

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