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It’s a new episode of Coast 2 Coast Commander, a multiplayer variety podcast for casual players! Three Commander players from the Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Pacific sit down and talk shop on all things Commander. This week Josh and Greg bundle up on the East Coast to discuss options for how to play each other online, go head-to-head in a quick deck building challenge, and remove some mana-fixing staples.








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4 Responses to “Coast 2 Coast Commander: Ep. 16 – Rules of Atraxa”

  1. Jeremy Parsons said

    I have a Vorosh deck that has a bunch of +1/+1 counter shenanigans. Master Biomancer, Corpsejack Menace, clones for them. Champion of Lambholdt and Triskelion as finishers. Also fun to have Ezuri and Meren reinforcing each other on experience tokens. And backed with Sakashimi to clone the legends.

    Kudos on Parallax Wave, might I also suggest Saproling Burst?

    Nice spread of the mana abilities. You did miss Fellwar Stone which is exotic orchard on a rock.

    I get some EDH in paper. But do have my decks on MTGO for the slow days or testing changes.

    • Josh said

      Ugh, I don’t know how I missed Saproling Burst! I used to play it in a fun 60 card casual Warp World deck, but somehow I just blanked at how insane it gets with Doubling Season…

  2. Eshed said

    I’ve always hated the idea of paying real money for fake cards online (though arguments could be made about the value of tangible assets). Regardless, I’ve been thinking about breaking down and jumping into MTGO since Rachael’s Alpha Build videos. I only get in maybe one or two games a month, and that is WAY too few, especially considering how many decks I brew, build, and put on my brain’s back burners. Goldfishing decks, or even testing my decks in one TappedOut window against another deck in a second window is tedious, and it leads to making decisions with an ingrown meta.

    • Jeremy Parsons said

      There’s a bunch of ways to save money on MTGO.

      There’s a handful of freebots (Search trade for freebot) a handful have a ton of commons, even uncommons and you can take up to 64 per month or so. There’s one of the Cleanteam freebots that occasionally has bulk special or rare cards. Or even just has uncommons from Masters edition sets. So there’s some older rarity shifted things. I’ve been able to grab a bunch of things that way.

      For the bigger trade bot chains, there’s websites you can explore to find their card prices for. I like MTGOTraders for instance. (And Sometimes one printing of a card is far less expensive than others. And occasionally I’ll get steals, like a Duels Deck planeswalker that’s rare for the bots to have, so their auto pricing stuff doesn’t work, because no one’s able to buy that one that often, so it ends up half the price of other versions of that planeswalker.

      And I suppose there’s friends and their collections too. I can’t help you there, I have little experience. As well as you only need one copy of a card and suddenly all of your dozen commander decks can use it.

      I admittedly had been dabbling with MTGO off and on for a while, before Commander. then with some Christmas cash and a period of low EDH chances in real life copied one of my paper decks to online. It definitely helps scratch the itch. And most of the time cards work.

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