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3 Responses to “Command Tower Episode 2: Riku vs. Memnarch vs. Merieke”

  1. Kinghonkey said

    Very nice production and easy to follow. The Merieke deck looked interesting, while the Riku deck looked like the same kind of stuff I’ve seen before in RUG. Jin Gitaxias, Kiki Jiki, Prime Speaker, Prophet….I’ve see them in Riku, run them in my own Maelstrom deck and also seen them in Animar. Good cards are good cards, I suppose.

  2. MrMetonymy said

    Great production work, as usual. I really liked the three player format you used this time; the play-by-play was spot on, too.

    On a personal note, it was nice to see a game where the Memnarch player doesn’t get hated off the table ;).

  3. chris-b said

    These videos are really well done. Keep it up, this is some of the best content on the site!

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