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Hello Commandercast faithful! This week is the Selesnya review special for Commandercast! We’ve got Nole on deck with us as we also talk about what sort of decks players should bring to large social events like Grand Prixs. Did you know most people are annoyed by the turn three super-combo-lock out special? Who knew?

We’re also going to give a listener a hand by offering some advice with his Riku of Two Reflections deck. There’ll be a link to that deck in the shownotes, which you can find after the IB.

So let’s all sit in a nice, peaceful community circle and find some inner peace with ourselves. It’s showtime!



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Recorded: 9/18/13 Thursday

Nole’s planeswalker: Venser


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Community: Which deck to bring at GP?

It’s perfectly fine to bring optimized and blinged out super decks, but it’s important to make sure that everyone else is okay with you playing that sort of thing. Really, this goes for individual cards too. What’s acceptable for your playgroup isn’t so fine at a huge social conglomeration.

You can usually rely on the archetypes:

1) A theme deck like dragon tribal or Zur Geriatric

2) An aggro deck for when people want to have fast, quick games

3) A combo deck for when people are okay taking a bit longer and you’re playing bigger groups.

4) A deck that can withstand much more competitive or efficient players.

Of course, these are just recommendations. If everyone’s having fun, they you’re probably doing it right anyway.

Stratedgy: Deck tech Hospital!

From listener Chris Briggs, we present Deck Tech Hospital, where everyone chimes in and offers some general deck building advice to help struggling players out with their deck. Want some help with your deck? Build the deck on and send it in! But please, no hypothetical decks. We can only help people who have actually played their decks and know what specific things are causing them problems.

Blashpemous Act are usually enough to act as a creature wrath in colors that have a hard time getting rid of dudes. Playing more answers in general would help the deck a lot.

Kikki-Jikki carries a bit of a price tag, but if you can afford him, he’s kinda like a back-up Riku.

The artifact package in this deck should probably be swapped out for more creature/sorcery based ramp since they work better with Birthing Pod and Riku’s cloning trigger.

Remember folks, good cards are nice, but it’s important to make sure they synergize well with each other.  Although some people think one or two cards is worth the inclusion of a nichey card, I personally don’t care for 1-2 card interactions that don’t do a whole lot with the rest of the deck. It’s up to you though.
Tech: Selesnya (some highlights)

Trostani, Voice of Selesnya

These girls are deceptively powerful when you realize that their deck wants bigger tokens than just soldiers or saprolings. The life gain can bring you back from the brink of death or push you way out of reach of mortal hands.

Sundering Growth

Incidental population means crazy value. Most populate effects like this are already stapled onto cards you should be playing anyway.

Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage

Guildmages like this one can just win you the game by themselves if left alone. She’s a great mana dump late game and is one of the few ways you can repeatedly populate in the same turn.


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