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Every now and then, and upstart blog appears to try and knock us off our throne of commander content. You know what we do to those people ? We invite them on and plug their stuff!

Christian and Scott join us today to talk about their new web blog, East Coast Commander! We’ll also here the Captain’s report on how ell Selesnyan mechanics work together.

Lastly, we’re finally getting some of our two cents in by discussing the new cards that got spoiled over San Diego Comic Con! Shard generals, eh? I know a few decks that’ll be SUPER happy to have some new blood.

As always, shownotes after the Ib.







00:00 to 06:36: Introductions

Recorded on: July 22, 2013


Christen’s favorite general: Olivia Voldaren


Scott’s favorite general: Ruric Thar, the Unbowed

Podcast News:
Last season for podcast  scatch that

–       Still looking for that new intro song! $20 to the listener who can come up with something!


Community Segment: 7:33 – 30:10

East Coast Commander is a brand new blog that aims to act as a central hub for Commander players that hang around the Maine state area. They’re currently featuring an interesting niche of articles that are definitely worth checking out!



Strategy Segment: 30:58 – 53:14

Captain’s Log – The Next Guild is…Selesnya!

Test General: Rhys, the Redeemed

Convoke: A great mechanic that essentially acts as “surprise cards” on your opponent’s when you can get them for free.

Notable cards: Chord of Calling, Devouring Light, Hour of Reckoning, Sprout Swarm, Sundering Vitae

Populate: Seems slow initially, but getting an extra guy off of effects that you would normally play is actually really good value!

Notable cards: Rootborn Defenses, Sundering Growth, Trostani’s Judgement

Overall: It’s a good mix!
Technology Segment: 53:58 – 1:32:41

Discussing San Diego Comic Con and the new spoiled generals.

-works with taxing effects, as well as general tax

-Better order that Riptide laboratory

-Prossh is pretty comparable to Hazezon

Home Version
1:33:05 to END: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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