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Hello everyone and Happy Halloween! We here at Commandercast have a little something to toss into you Trick or Treat bags! For those of you who listened to Monday’s episode of Commandercast, you know that today we have a Preview Card sent to us from Wizards of the Coast! We’ve been keeping this puppy under wraps and have take a little bit of time to record this short episode for you to listen to. We would like to send a huge Thank You to WotC for giving us a chance to be apart of the Preview Season with this Amazing card!


Want to see the card? Want to here what we have to say about it? Well to see it just click the read more tab and to listen to the show, all you have to do is Click the Ib!




Ib Download






This way for the Preview Card…


Oh yeah, you may want to watch your head…


Crown of Doom





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