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Hello everyone and welcome to Commandercast Episode 200! We’re your weekly source for Community, Strategy, and Technology, hosted on and our homesite:! We’re recording this on May 14th, 2015.

It’s our 200th Episode… What more can I say than Thank You.

All this and more await with the click of an IB



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Commandercast Episode 200


May 14th, 2015





Favorite Commanders This Week:


Aaron – Barrin, Master Wizard


Clay –  Brago, King Eternal


Calvin – Ezuri, Renegade Leader


Mark – Glissa, the Traitor


William – Derevi, Empyrial Tactician



Community Ban Poll




#EDHRoto draft



Commandercast: Then and Now


Andy’s first episode


William’s first episode (With Calvin)



Deck Designs: When to tear down, build up, and spread out



Our favorite Secret Techs of CommanderCasts Past


Clay –  Words of Waste, Portcullis, Rishadan Brigand


Aaron – Seht’s Tiger, Heat Shimmer, River Kelpie


Calvin – Aftershock, Nim Deathmantle (+Su-Chior Workhorse!), Night Soil


Mark – Nature’s Will, Lim-Dûl’s Vault, Stonecloaker, City of Shadows, Martyr’s Cause,


William – Spellweaver Volute, Sudden Spoiling, Blood Artist, Dreamscape Artist








William – Email: wiehernandez(at)gmail(dot)com // twitter: (at)blueram1409


Calvin – Email: captainredzone(at)gmail(dot)com  // twitter: (at)CaptainRedZone


Clay – Twitter: (at)edhpanda // Reddit: /u/EDHPanda // Cockatrice: Remillo // Twitch: Pandalpaca


Mark – Email: mahlerma(at)gmail(dot)com


Aaron – Email: unclelanddrops(at)gmail(dot)com // Twitter: (at)UncleLanddrops





If you want to message Commandercast be sure to check out our Facebook page, manned by Calvin and Jud. You can also tweet us (at)Commandercast or email us at Commandercast(at)gmail(dot)com. You can leave us a review on iTunes, and we’ll read off any 5-Star reviews on air!


Thanks to everyone who contributes to our site, you’re all wonderful people. Music for our show is this month is from the metal band RED check them out on Youtube. We’ll see you next week with more community, strategy, and technology. Until then, LET’S GET IT!



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